New projects and SEWING as in actually using a sewing machine

Hi there, today I have two new projects to share with you, that is two new knitting projects plus one SEWING project. Yes sewing. I don’t know how you feel about that but it seems to me that sewing might be on its way to become the new “black” in knitting. It’s as if every knitting podcaster out there was also a seamstress and sewing away like crazy. So this prompted me to want to give that a try too.

I did learn sewing in school when I was a child but I never got the hang of it. I remember lots of frustration and anger battling with a sewing machine and just not ever understanding or enjoying it. But hey that was like 35 years ago! (Gosh! that makes me sound super old).

So anyway, I went online and searched for sewing classes in my neighbourhood and low and behold, there is this lady in my own town who does classes. And so I signed up for 2 classes, just to try. Those are individual classes so I get her attention all the time. I really wanted to understand more about sewing and what goes into it and to use a machine again. I chose a project and bought some fabric.

And last Saturday was my very first lesson and I chose to make a project bag -of course! So I showed her some of mine and we then made up our own pattern (I actually designed a project bag pattern!!!!!!). She explained a lot about fabric and pattern making and so forth and then she showed me how to work a modern, electronic sewing machine which is actually lightyears away from the sewing machines of my youth! Thank goodness! And in this first lesson I then designed my pattern, cut out the fabric pieces and sewed on the zipper! Next Saturday is my second lesson and then I will finish my project bag! I’m super excited about that. The fabric I chose is a Christmas fabric so I’ll be using the bag immediately and it is sure to put me in the Holiday spirit.

Here’s a picture of my project bag – here it is open flat with the zipper in the middle


I don’t know if I’ll become hooked on sewing but it was fun and it definitely makes me dream about sewing up a gazillion project bags and maybe even selling them.

Now on to knitting. So I’ve cast on for yet another new project.  My older daughter asked for a chunky, oversized sweater and so I let her browse Ravelry and she found a pattern she liked from Dropsdesign. The model is just called Drops 60-21 and it is a simple oversized sweater in broken fishermans rib. It is knit in pieces, that is back, front, sleeves and then everything has to be sewn together in the end. It’s been super long since I knit something like that so it’s a nice change for me. I bought the exact yarn the pattern was written for, Drops Lima which is a merino and alpaca blend at an incredibly low price which makes the sweater only cost 25Euros which is amazing.


Here you can see a closeup of the patterning. I’m not very far yet but I think it will be nice.

I also cast on for a new shawl. I recently bought the KLEE Collection by Renée Callahan of East London Knits and just discovered that she is doing a KAL and there will be prizes and even thought  I never win anything it does make me dream so I decided to join in the fun. I’m going to knit the Angelus Novus shawl which is knit using a DK weight yarn, so quite a heavy shawl, perfect for winter. I’m using hand dyed yarn by myself, it’s a roving style alpaca yarn so lots of lovely halo and some fuzziness and  mostly just super warm and soft to the touch. I’m not very far into it because I’m trying to be serious and finish my Christmas gifts first but every now and then I sneak in a few rows.

I met Renée first when I participated in the Unwind Brighton yarn show and I really love her designs and then she is just such a nice person. I like to think that buying her patterns and sharing her work might just help her a little bit on her way to knitting stardom. So I do encourage you to check out her blog (link above) and her Ravelry pattern store for some inspiration.

That’s all for today. Take care and enjoy your knitting until next time 🙂









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