No FOs but a few in progress

Hi there, how are you today? Have you been knitting like crazy?

I have not done as much knitting last week as I would have liked and so I have no FOs to show but a few works in progress. I have a ton of patterns that I want to cast on but for some reason I haven’t gotten around to actually doing so.

So I’m currently still working on my Christmas gift knitting but making good progress. Once my two in progress gifts are done, I’ll only have 3 mittens and 1 tam to knit which should be fine as I have a month to do so.

So first up is a pair of mittens I’m knitting using one of my hand spun yarns. It’s a super simple pattern, I had actually found a number of nice looking patterns and cast on for two but each time I ended up ripping everything back. Don’t know why, it just didn’t feel right and I was getting frustrated so I decided it would just have to be a plain stockinette mitten, no patterning and so far I’ve done one (minus thumb) and just cast on for the second.

a mitten using hand spun yarn



And then there is this hat I’m knitting using yarn from Eden Cottage Yarns. The pattern is called The Fernie hat and I bought that as part of the Indie Designers Gift-a-long.

the Fernie hat


I’m also working on a pair of Christmas socks for my youngest. The yarn is one I dyed and is available in my Etsy shop. The colours are not quite as bright as I would have liked but the patterning is nice and I love that the patterning is quite regular. It’s a self patterning and it does not pool and the stripes are small but it works out nicely I think. I’m almost done with the first sock so I should be casting on for the second one soon.

The Christmas sock


And last but not least, there is the Stephen West Mkal, the Doodler. So I’m on clue number 3 and there is only one clue left which will come out next Friday. I’m still very happy about my colour choices and this third clue is smooth sailing although by now each row is super long but I’m hoping I’ll be at the end of clue 3 when the last one comes out.

The Doodler


This shawl is going to be gorgeous. The shaping or rather the way it is knit is original and perfect for the mystery Kal because each clue is a surprise.

Well, that’s all for today. I hope you are doing great and wish you a wonderful week:)







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