The Stephen West Mkal

Hi there, I have just watched Stephens promotional video for his upcoming Mkal which begins tomorrow Friday 6th of November and I just have to share it with you.

So you probably have heard or seen something about his KAL on Ravelry and other social media. I have knit a few things by Stephen West but this is the first time that I join a KAL with him. I had seen a few podcasts where people are going to participate so I wanted to join in the fun.

I chose Hedgehog Fibres for my yarns which is the brand he suggests although I’m pretty sure you can use whatever fingering weight yarn you already have in your stash. I just bought some because….well, BECAUSE. These are the yarns I chose just in case you forgot 🙂

Are any of you joining? I’d love to know and maybe follow your progress here or on Ravelry. I’d also love to see the yarns you’ve chosen to use. And if you have not yet joined, maybe you will once you’ve seen his video. I must say, I think he is the only knitwear designer in the world that does a promotional video for his KAL like this. Anyway, wether you choose to join or not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching.

I’m winding my yarns today and preparing my project bag with the necessary needle and any notions I think I may need so I’ll be ready to go as soon as he publishes the first clue tomorrow.

Take care 🙂

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