My first ever Mkal participation

Hi there, so like I told you last time, I’m going to join in this new mystery kal and this is the first time ever I do a KAL and so the first time ever I do a mystery one as well 🙂

This is The Doodle MKAL by Stephen West and it begins on Nov 6th. I saw the pattern page on Ravelry and looked at the pictures of the proposed yarn combinations for this shawl and I fell in love with all the yarn and the idea of knitting a shawl in 3 colors. So I decided to join in.

I haven’t made a project page on Ravelry yet but I intend to do so one of these days. I’m not one for KALs and I don’t know if I will be very present in the Ravelry thread dedicated to this KAL but I wanted to join in just for the fun.

So he recommends using Hedgehog Fibres yarn. I could of course have gone through my stash to find nice substitution yarn or even just hand dyed some yarn myself but…. after seeing all the pictures of these gorgeous Hedgehog Fibres yarns that was just asking too much of the knitter in me.

So off I went and ended up in the online shop of A Yarn Story in England. This is the first time ever I buy yarn from Hedgehog Fibres and I must admit that I could have bought at least 10 skeins! I just totally love their speckled yarns! They are all totally gorgeous. But seeing as I do not have a limitless cash supply for yarn I had to ONLY buy 3 skeins. i went with a blueish theme. And here are my yarns: Don’t you just love the speckled one in the middle?

The colors are (from left to right): Ink, Lupi, Wish

Are you going to join in this KAL? If so, have you chosen your yarns? Would you like to share a picture of your yarns with me by posting a picture in a comment below? I’d love to see what others have chosen yarnwise for this KAL.

So next weekend i’m going to wind my yarns into cakes and choose a project bag, find the appropriate needles and necessary accessories and I’ll be all set when the first clue comes out on Nov 6th.

That’s all for today. Thank you for stopping by and until next time, take care and enjoy your crafting:)

2 thoughts on “My first ever Mkal participation

  1. I can’t do MKALs. I’m waaay too picky. Even so- I’m almost tempted to do this one. I like a lot of Stephen West’s designs, but I think I will wait. I need to see the finished product, before I can plan colors accordingly…

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