Happy Saturday :)

Hi, there today is Saturday and I hope you have the day off. I usually don’t work on weekends so my Saturdays are usually spent shopping for the week and doing house chores. I have finally finished all that boring stuff and finally got to sit down and RELAX! Ouff, that is good! So hopefully you are relaxing too.

Now, I have sent out the prizes to the two winners of my giveaway and I hope they will like my yarn. I have also sent the other participants in the giveaway their special discount code either via Revelry or by email so you should all have yours.

This week I got to think about Christmas presents and as this holiday season money might be tight, I decided I’d do some knitted gifts. I only knit for a small group of family and close friends that I know will enjoy and appreciate my hand knits. And so I’m thinking of doing hats and mittens for them.

I have cast on for the hat I’m going to give my father. I’m using a handspun yarn that I spun a while ago, in fact not long after I had begun spinning so it is not even but somewhat thick and thin but the color is masculin so I’m sure he’ll like that. Its a mix of black, brown and dark green and the yarn is super warm. I might even have enough to knit the mittens with the same yarn. It’s mostly a DK thickness so I’m knitting on size 4mm needles. The pattern I’m using is called the Boyfriend Set by Stephanie Boomsma. It is a free pattern on Revelry for a hat and a scarf but I think I’m not going to do the scarf.

I need to find nice patterns for feminine hats and mittens and I’m going to use some of my hand spun yarns for those as well. What about you? Are you planning on knitting a few gifts for Christmas? Is this something you do every Christmas or ?

It’s not always easy to knit for others, I feel mostly it is a size issue as they can’t try the item on while I’m working and so I’m always nervous about the fit. For example I’m knitting the Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig and I’m going to give that to my sister either for her Christmas or for her birthday in the new year. I’m almost done with the body (I’m on the ribbing) and I hope I’ve chosen the right size and that even though I made it longer than the pattern said, it will be ok. The pattern calls for a sort card but I want it to be longer but I was’t sure how much longer so I just added a few inches and hopefully that will be fine:)

Another thing I’ve been wondering about is doing a Christmas swap/giftalong. You know where a number of us would participate and each one would be assigned one giftee and so we would all buy one gift and send to someone and in return we would each receive one super fun knitting related Christmas gift. What do you think? Would you be interested in joining? I could organise and assign each one with one giftee and I could maybe prepare a little questionnaire where we explain what type of knitting we mostly do, what type of yarns we like and our favorite colors etc to help us choose the perfect gift for each other. I’d love to do this so if you are interested, please leave a comment below. I’d work on the idea some more if there is any interest and share on social media some more and then maybe beginning of November we would assign giftees and do the questionnaires and then send out the gifts beginning of December so they arrive before Christmas. Let me know what you think:)

Well that’s all for today. I’m feeling kind of tired so I’m going to do some knitting and watch something fun on my computer. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

2 thoughts on “Happy Saturday :)

    • Great! No no problem. My readers are from all over the world so to participate we have to accept to send a gift to another country and maybe continent. And personally I think that is even better as receiving a gift from and sending a gift to a faraway country is exciting. I hope more people will join us:) If not, we’ll just exchange gifts between the two of us 🙂


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