News on a Saturday – I wasn’t going to do this but then i did!

Hi there, today is Saturday and so I hope you are enjoying your weekend and doing some knitting, maybe even in front of the telly or your computer 🙂 I’m about to do just that!

I’ve spent the morning dyeing up some yarns and I have some left still to dye. But I have also been spending a lot of time on a new project, one that I was going to do but then decided against. And then I actually did take the plunge this week and as of a few minutes ago this project is LIVE and public!

So what exactly am I talking about:  A NEW ONLINE SHOP! Yes that is right, I finally did open up my own private ecommerce website….again! So, this time it is quite different from the first time. So this time around I chose an option that allows me to integrate my Etsy shop to the website and so I can have both my Etsy shop and my very own independent shop in the same place. This I hope will make for an easy transition should I go all the way and concentrate only on my own shop. This new website is also called Knitting in France but in stead of .com its .net so:

So this new website has its own shop which at the time is super small as I only have 1 (yes!!) yarn listed there (but I do have 5 skeins of it). Everything I’m dying today will go to this shop. And then you have the Etsy shop and you have a page with my social media sharing – Instagram and Pinterest. I didn’t add Facebook and Twitter as I’m usually sharing the same images all over and that meant the site would show the same picture 4 times!

And there is also a blog feature and I’m going to use that for information related to shop updates and I’m also thinking of maybe doing a video podcast which in that case would be hosted there. I’m going to continue blogging here at as I like this blog and have built up a nice archive of posts and a growing number of subscribers so fear not  – I’ll still be here.

I’d love it if you took a look at my new website and then left me a comment here to tell me what you think. Any positive/constructive feedback is appreciated.

But on the video thing, there are a lot of video podcasts out there on the subject of knitting, yarn dyeing and spinning so I’m not sure if there is a place for one more. I’m not quite sure either what I would do with it exactly but the idea is spinning in my head. What do you think? Do you like watching knitting podcasts? Which are your favorite ones? If I decided to go that way, would you be interested?

Also I’d like to thank all those that have left comments so far on my last post for a giveaway! You still have time to leave a comment and join in the fun if you haven’t done so yet. Just click here and leave a comment telling me why you would like to win.

That’s all for today my friend! Enjoy your weekend and knit as much as you can 🙂

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