A little bit of this and that, some self pity an FO and some WIP

Hi there how are you today? I’m doing fine, really looking forward to the weekend! I feel I have a million things to do and never the time to do them so as my husband will be away this weekend I’m thinking I’ll be able to organise my time as I wish (mostly) and hopefully I’ll get a number of things off my to do list!

I’ve been doing some dyeing this week and sharing my pictures on Instagram and I’ve had quite a nice feedback from my followers but in spite of that I came within an inch of chucking everything!

It’s not always easy to hang onto a dream, especially when that dreams comes with a hefty price tag and is loooooooong on giving anything back financially speaking. And not having the support necessary to continue can push one over the brink! So or 2 days I thought about just giving it up, closing the shop and just maintain my knitting blog and just enjoy knitting and dyeing for myself. Ok I do have some leftover stock from the shop: yarns, needles and accessories that I would not know what to do with (well maybe I would just use them myself but I admit I do have way too many stitch markers and other small accessories to just use on my own) but maybe that would just be the solution. Just stop everything, take my losses and make the best of it. At least I tried, for 4 years!

But after 2 days of self pity and worry, I decided NO! This summer I decided that I was going to try until the end of 2015 and only then would I take a decision of whether or not I would continue. And so I’m going to stick with that decision and give it my EVERYTHING and more until December 31st 2015 and only then will I make up my mind!

Having taken that decision, I went ahead and ordered some more yarn to dye. I was hesitant to put out that much money but I’ve dyed up almost all the yarn I had left so if I really want to try I had to reinvest again/one last time!

This weekend I’m going to reskein and label the yarns I’ve prepped and I’m also going to take pictures and hopefully I’ll even get around to listing them for the reopening of the shop. I was going to launch my own independent ecommerce shop but finally I think I will put that on the back burner and only if I make it past December 31st will I make that investment. This means that my relaunch of the shop will not be as “big” as I had planned on but hopefully my clients will still like what they will see then!

Enough of wallowing! No more sad thoughts and self pity! On to something more fun.

Like I said above I’ve been doing some dyeing and here are some pictures.

www.knittinginfrance.com   This is DK yarn in some bright and fun colors I think

www.knittinginfrance.com  My lace in the sparkle base yarn www.knittinginfrance.com Fingering weight in merino/nylon and I’m calling them Something about Scarlet and Something about Jade

www.knittinginfrance.com  This is fingering with stellina sparkle and I’m calling the pink one Something about CC (in honor of the fab CC Almon of JavaPurls and Geeky Girls Knit) and the other is Something about Teal.www.knittinginfrance.com Now this one I LOVE! I’m so happy how these two turned out! This is a sparkle base but this time with BRONZE stellina and a higher percentage, 10% bronze stellina. I’m calling the orange one Pumpkin Spice and the brown will be Pine. My daughter does not like them but I totally love the outcome so I’m keeping one of each and I’ve actually cast on and i’m swatching for a future cowl design. It will be a fall theme and fair isle. I’ll show you pictures when my swatch is done.

So that’s it for the moment yarn wise. Now on to my works in progress:

I just finished my first ever pair of Hermione’s Everyday Socks that I knit in my merino/nylon base yarn

www.knittinginfrance.com These were actually a quick knit and I think they look nice. I love the super bright yellow which makes me think of summer.

www.knittinginfrance.com I’m continuing on my Irma mittens, it’s slow because I don’t have much time to do them. These I need some quiet and concentration to knit so I don’t bring this with me when watching tv at night. But you can now see the horse:)

www.knittinginfrance.com And this is the back side with some lovely flowers

www.knittinginfrance.com And I’m working on a hat design. I used the ribbing from the Irma mitten for the ribbing on the hat and I found a lace pattern in a stitch dictionary for the hat itself and now I need to do some math to figure out how best to organise the decreasing for the crown. I’m using a fingering weight hand dyed yarn by myself of couse. I’m really loving this designing now and I can see myself doing more of that in the future. Now I just really need some quiet time to actually write up the patterns and then have them test knitted.

6 thoughts on “A little bit of this and that, some self pity an FO and some WIP

  1. Oh sweetie! I’m so sorry you’re having a rough time. You do amazing work and it was lovely to knit with your yarn. I have more in my stash that I can’t wait to work with. And I definitely want at least one skein of the Something about C.C. (maybe more). Wishing you loveliness and happiness and contentment! xx

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