The sun BURNS!! Remember!!!!! Arg!

Hi there, today I’m working in the evening and on days like that I sometimes go to the beach and today was such a day. I went with my mum and nephew who are on vacation here for a few days.

Today the weather was not super hot and when we went to the beach late this morning the sky was partly clouded and the wind was fresh and I sat there knitting away in my polar fleece sweater and shorts. And I guess the Icelander in myself has just not yet understood that my skin is super fragile and if I’m going to spend ANY time at all on the beach, no matter what the weather is like, I MUST lather in SPF50 or more! Of course I omitted this today and now the fond memory of knitting on the beach is completely forgotten and the torture of skin on fire has taken over EVERYTHING. I’m even having problems working as the only thing I can think of is how much my legs hurt! ARG! How stupid can I be!!!! Promise, I will NEVER again knit on the beach WITHOUT my super sun block protection!!!!

I hope you folks are more serious than I am and that you remember to take care of yourself when out and about in the sun this summer.

But all is not wasted, I  did get some knitting done! I’ve decided to do some tube socks for my niece and nephews and I cast on for the first pair yesterday and I got quite a lot done at the beach today. I’m using bits and pieces so the socks are a mismatch but I hope they will look nice once they’re all done.  This is the beach when we arrived this morning – looks like it was our private beach:) And here I am working on my tube socks and at this time my legs were still flesh colored:) Don’t you just love the bambi project bag? It’s from my friend Silvia of FridaJo on Etsy.

That’s all for now, I must go back to work and the pain in my burned legs is keeping me from any creative writing:)

Next time, I’ll be sharing a fun and free program with you – perfect if you like colour/fair isle knitting so stay tuned:)

Until then, take care and enjoy your week

2 thoughts on “The sun BURNS!! Remember!!!!! Arg!

  1. Oops! It’s easily done but I hope you have some cooling After Sun product to help your legs recover. It has been really hot here the last few days – certainly not knitting weather, well not during the day anyway. Whereabouts in France are you? I am right down in the South.


    • I’m in Normandy. Even if the temperatures are not high the sun is ruthless. I spent 2 hours on the beach and with the wind I actually had on capris and a fleece sweater and as I was not really warm I got totally fooled and did nothing to protect myself! I do have a good cream and I’m just putting it on constantly and hopefully in a day or two I will feel better. But hey, this should help me learn once and for all:)


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