The game, the swap and the deception and some other more joyful stuff

Hi there, I’m a bit deflated this morning and I feel like ranting. Please excuse me and if you’d rather not read my ranting you can skip that and start reading at the * below (I totally understand if you’d rather not read my rantings but I still needed to write them out anyway… sorry)

A few days ago I launched 2 fun projects, or at least I thought so. One was the yarn swap between people doing scrap yarn projects such as hexapuffs, granny squares or 10 stitch blankets etc. And the other was a game of sharing an item in my shop and then entering the share link as a comment on the blog to be participate in a draw to win a Sock Ruler.

Well, both projects were a flop as only 1 person participated in each so needless to say the person that participated in the Sock Ruler game has just won herself a Sock Ruler. And the person who was willing to do the scrap yarn swap, well I guess there will just be the two of us, me and her.

This is rather disappointing as I really thought those could be fun projects to do together but I guess I was wrong. But anyway the lucky winner of the Sock Ruler is probably reading this with a big smile and looking forward to receiving her gift (I hope) and the lady that will do the scrap swap with me is hopefully looking forward to that too. I know I am.

* I do have a gazillion little balls of yarn but probably because they are mine and I’ve seen them a hundred times they have sort of lost their appeal where as I’m sure/hopeful that she will enjoy my scraps and that I will enjoy hers. So that’s fun and will get me re-motivated to continue with the hexapuffs project which feels like the project of a lifetime.

When I wrote about this a few days ago I had 66 hexapuffs, since then I have done 2 1/2. Not a lot of progress but I have prepared a project bag just for the hexapuffs where I have some yarn, my dpns, a darning needle and some cotton stuffing. So hopefully I will be taking that one with me when on small outings this summer. After all going to the beach and coming back with 2-4 FO must be sooo rewarding:)

Now on to other stuff. I’ve not done much spinning but I did ply 2 bobbins and rather like the outcome.navajo plied greens navajo plied pinks navajo plied purples

I also managed to finish my pair of Skandium socks

skandium pair doneΒ I’m very happy with the outcome. I was a little bit afraid of the neon yellow but finally I think these will be totally wearable. This pattern has a particular construction when it comes to the gusset because the decreases are nothing like what I and probably you too, are used to. And despite the fair isle patterning these were a fast knit.

Having finished a pair of socks, I did cast on for a new pair. I’m doing Melisandre by Kimberly Pieper and I’m using one of my Knitcircus gradient stripes yarn for those. I’m going them magic loop, 2 at a time and I’ve come as far as finished the toe increases (toe up construction) and done 10 rows of patterning so I’m not showing a picture just yet as they don’t look like much so far. I’m also going to do some tube socks for my niece and nephews and the Lady of Lallybroch by CC Almond. I was actually going to cast on for CC’s socks but I ran out of ink in my printer and even though I’m very digital, I still prefer to print out my patterns and keep in my project bag where I can always check them and write out any info etc if needed. But I do intend to cast on for those very soon.

I’m still working on my baby cardigan and I MUST find the time to bind of my Come what may shawl AND do the heels on my afterthought socks that I finished a while back now. I also need to continue my baby knits, so lots of things to knit but not enough time. Guess we all know that problem:)

Well, this is all for today. I have some family from Iceland for a visit for the next 2 weeks so my posts might not be as regular as usual due to less time and I hope you forgive me for that. Have a wonderful Monday and an even better week:)

10 thoughts on “The game, the swap and the deception and some other more joyful stuff

  1. I think I started following your blog after the post about the scrap yarn swap. Didn’t see that at all. However- I would not have joined. I like full skeins, so I can choose to do something else with them, if I don’t think they are right for my scrap yarn project.

    As for the game- I felt that was not something I wanted to do, either. I have not bought anything from your shop, so I feel posting to social media about it, without having any personal experience with what you’re selling is wrong (for me). Maybe others felt that way- I don’t know. But I thought you would like to know why I didn’t participate in either. (I can only speak for myself.)


    • No worries Talya. Thanks for sharing and please do not take my ranting personally or feel you have to justify not participating . I admit feeling disappointed but every thing can be learned from and a game like this just may not be correct for this particular venue.


  2. All the best with the future swaps and games. When it comes to swaps and buying online, I tend to avoid anything that would mean I would have to rely on our local postal services. They are not always the most reliable, things can take months to arrive, or simply gets lost in the mail. So I avoid that when I can and not embarrass those that I am buying from. Local works for us, as we can use a local courier company or two that is simply the best, they deliver within a day.
    Sorry that I did not join you.
    Still love your blog, and feel free to rant anytime. πŸ™‚


    • Ok yes postal services can be tricky to deal with. No worries for not joining. I just felt like ranting but I certainly did not intend this to sound like an accusation and I really hope no one will take this personally or even stop reading. Promise I was just venting that’s all

      Liked by 1 person

      • I enjoyed reading your vent. πŸ™‚
        And it gave me a bit more insight into the online world of blogging.
        I know I miss out on a lot of good things, but I guess that is life as well. The joys of having to deal with postal services. πŸ™‚


  3. As with the others, apologies, but the swap was not for me. I don’t knit (yet) so couldn’t do the hexapuff one and I didn’t see the other – sorry! But on a positive your socks are beautiful and I love the colours of the spun yarn πŸ™‚


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