June 13th Knit in Public Day

Hi there, today’s post is not really a post but rather an idea I’d like to put out there and see if anyone is interested. So as you probably know, June 13th is the World Wide Knit in Public Day and I was wondering if you all had something planned for that special day? Are you participating in a meet up or maybe even organising one yourself?

So far I have nothing planned myself and this morning I had this crazy idea that I’d like to put to you: What if we did a virtual Knitting in France meet up on June 13th? I’m thinking we could do this via a Google Hangout for an hour or more if we are having super fun:) What do you think? I think it could be fun to “see” each other and “meet” and that we could each introduce ourselves and maybe share something related to our lives as fibre fanatics. We could show our works in progress, share ideas for fun patterns, your latest finds in yarn/pattern/accessories etc. Nothing formal just a little fun to celebrate the day.

The thing is that we all live in different countries and so finding the right time could be a problem – but problems are here to be solved so I’m sure we can figure something out. So if you would be interested in doing a virtual hangout, leave me a comment and let me know where you live (so I can then try and find out a time that could work for us all) and also if you have time constraints, like you are only available in the morning your time or something like that.

If you are not familiar with Google Hangouts, it is rather simple to use. You can download the app on your tablet or phone or you can set it up on your computer. I would then ask for all the emails and send out an invitation when we do the hangout. If you have used Facetime then this is something similar.

So do leave me a comment and if you have other knitting friends that you’d like to invite or would like to participate feel free to share with them and they can then leave me a comment here as well.

And just one more thing before I leave, I hope you have read yesterday’s post about Fridajo on Etsy and the special discount code Silvia is offering just for my readers. So if you are looking for beautiful project bags for yourself or someone you love, this is the time to buy. Read all about Silvia, her shop and the offer here

Have a wonderful weekend all of you! I’ll be back on Monday – but I will keep an eye out for your comments:)

9 thoughts on “June 13th Knit in Public Day

  1. I think I can make things work for this. I’m in Scotland. Afternoon would be best for me. I’ve participated and hosted several VKNs (virtual knit nights) using Google Hangouts and it worked well. There is a maximum number of people who can participate though (I think it’s 10 but I could be wrong). Let me know!

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  2. I would love to participate! I do have another commitment with my local guild, so it will depend on what time you decide to have this virtual meet-up! Let me know because I would love to be there if I can!

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  3. Hi girls CC, Yarnya and Sarah – with regards to meeting up tomorrow. So far there’s only the 4 of us – of course we are more than enough as we each bring more than enough fabulousness to the meet up 🙂 So I was thinking tomorrow afternoon around 5pm Paris time which is 4 pm for CC and Yarnya but I’m not sure about your time Sarah. Are you still interested in doing this? If so you can either leave me a direct message via Instagram or by email: knittinginfrance@gmail.com sometime before tomorrow noon and we’ll go from there. Have a nice evening and I hope you get a notification about my message here:)


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