New dyeing techniques

Hi there, recently I’ve been feeling inspired to learn new dyeing techniques to maybe increase my repertoire and be able to dye a broader range of colors. Plus learning something new is always such fun:)

So you have seen my speckled yarn which is super fun to do although quite time consuming so maybe not something that I’ll do a lot of just because of lack of time.

Then yesterday I did some layered dyeing for the first time. This is like kettle dyeing only you dye the yarn with X number of colours, one at a time and in between colours you take out the yarn and rewind it differently so that different parts of the yarn/skein will get different “access” to the dye and thus this will give a very rich and colourful yarn. This can be done with contrasting colours to create a sort of rainbow yarn or by using complementary colors or different colors in the same “family” and that is what I did for my first test. So I dyed using 4 different colours of blue/green colours. They were different depths of colour going from very light to dark. This was super fun to do and a little bit unnerving. After 3 colours I thought the yarn looked gorgeous but I had decided on 4 colours and at that time I was really battling stopping at 3 or go for the 4 as I had planned on. Because each time you do a new colour you never really know what it is going to do and I was worried that the last colour might erase some of the color variations in the lighter colours but hey, this was a test so I went for it! And I’m happy I did because I really love the results. What do you think?

layered hand dyed yarn here my yarn is dyed and is just getting a final rinse  and it already looked nice

I love how my 4 coloured layered yarn came out And here you have my 3 skeins of yarn and I absolutely love the outcome. You have different colors that all blend really well. This is not going to give you stripes but will give you more of a varigated effect. I’m keeping one of the skeins for myself to do a test knit to be able to show you how this type of yarn knits up – although each batch will of course be unique a sample swatch or a pair of socks will give you a good general idea.

And this morning I’m testing another new technique which is called low immersion dyeing and I’m using a skillet for the first time. So this is also quite fun, it’s a bit like kettle dyeing only you have much less water and I feel that the yarn soaks up the dye much quicker – at least it did so this morning. This can produce a semi solid color and I think this can also be fun to use when doing speckled yarn in water (opposed to doing speckled yarn that has been wetted out and laid out on a table for you to dye using a drop counter or syringe. So this morning I did 2 sets of 2 at a time sock skeins. These are 50gr sock yarn skeins and I did them in 2 different colours. One set is brick and the other is purple. Here are pictures of the yarn in the skillet during dyeing.

and more low immersion dyeing experiments low immersion dyeing experiment I’ll soon be able to show you what the finished yarn looks like.

Lately I’ve really changed my mind about sock yarn and I now feel that as much as I love colourful and stripey yarn, that when knitting textured/cabled socks, the pattern really pops out when using a semi solid or solid color. And that the colourful and stripey yarns work better when they are the star of the show alone – meaning when you are knitting plain stockinette socks. How do you feel about that?

Well that’s all for today and thank you for stopping by. Tomorrow is going to be really exciting because I’m going to introduce you to an artist and she has a shop and she is offering a special discount to my readers!! Yeah!! So be sure to stop by tomorrow as well as I’m sure you are going to love the surprise guest!

Take care

8 thoughts on “New dyeing techniques

  1. oh, you are having fun, and giving me such ideas. 🙂 I agree with you about sock yarn – less color change on textured socks, more on plainer socks. knit enough of them and you will have the perfect sock for every mood and outfit. 🙂

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