Dabbling in design

Have you ever modified a knitting/crochet pattern? Or even changed it a lot? Or used one as a building block to make your own? I usually follow patterns and only sometimes change the length for example. I’m usually afraid that if I change something I’ll mess it up…

I have how ever dreamed of designing something of my own and I have signed up for classes on Craftsy on the subject, like how to write patterns, how to grade them etc. I admit that I have not watched and worked all of them but I do know that given the time I CAN:)

A few years ago I knit a baby dress using my own hand dyed yarn. I got a lot of positive feedback for the dress so I was happy about that. Only problem and this is a BIG one, I did NOT write the pattern down! Can you believe that!!!!!

The dress has been laying in a box for a few years and now that 4 people in my circle of family and friends are about to have babies I’m thinking I really should give one of them the dress if there is a little girl. But then, if I do give the dress I will never be able to replicate the pattern. Now the responsible thing would be to set aside some serious alone time and try to write down the pattern and knit a second dress at the same time to be sure it actually works! That is going to take some time but boy would that be gratifying! I could even put my pattern on Ravelry, who knows!

Here’s a picture of the dress in question

baby dress by Knitting in France I’d love to see that on a little baby girl! So do you like it too? Do you agree that I should try and write down the pattern?

Then there is another project where I actually did write the pattern down FIRST and then I knit the items myself. That too was a while back but not as long ago as the dress, probably only last year. I always meant to go over the written pattern and look for errors and so forth and then have someone else knit up a set before putting the pattern online. I used my own hand dyed yarn for this project and I’d like to offer this as a kit in the shop, you know like a kit including: project bag, pattern and yarn.

This is a cowl and matching fingerless mittens. I have one set done but I think I’d like to make a second one myself once I’ve gone over the pattern to be sure it works before sending it out to testing.

www.knittinginfrance.com  www.knittinginffrance.com  The cowlwww.knittinginfrance.com  design by www.knittinginfrance.com  The fingerless mitten

design my www.knittinginfrance.com   What do you think?

When I have gone over the pattern and knitted a second set, would you be interested in doing a test knit of this? I’m not sure how test knitting works, I mean if people get paid or if they then keep the items knitted or need to return them to the designer. That’s something I have to research before going that far but it could be a fun project I think.

If you do some designing yourself I’d love to hear about it and see pictures if you are willing to share with us. And if you have actually published a pattern I’d love to hear about that, how did you go about it? Would you do it again? How has your pattern been doing? Do you sell the pattern or offer for free? So if you have experience in the field, don’t be shy and please share:)

That’s all for today folks. Have a wonderful week and enjoy your crafting as always:)

2 thoughts on “Dabbling in design

  1. Wahooo ! Lovely dress! Yes take some time to write down the pattern 🙂
    Lovely cowl and mitts also !!

    As for test, it seem than most of the time the teste do it for free, but got the corrected pattern for free at the end of the test (limited time of course).
    Some yarn shop give a discount for the yarn you buy for the test, if the test is in cooperation between designer and shop.
    To follow the test, it seems that Ravelry forum is easier than email to report mistake and following correction and modifications…
    So you can choose your own way for the test.

    But do be careful as some “bad” tester can disappear just after receiving the pattern. So check them a bit before giving your trust… (check email, blog or website if they have, regular customer of you…).

    Good luck with your new project !

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  2. Hi Bene and thank you for all the advice on having patterns tested. I know that you have done some test knitting. Do you know if the designer usually supplies the yarn as well or only the pattern? Also does the test knitter need to return what they knit to the designer or do they keep their item and just submit pictures and comments to the designers? your input is very helpful:)


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