The place to “go” if you like knitting with color

Hi there, it’s been a few days since my last post. Working full time, caring for a family of 5 while entertaining guests staying for 2 weeks seems to be taking up all of my time! So not necessarily much time for writing or knitting these days although I do have a head full of ideas and future projects I want to make.

A while ago I promised I’d tell you about this new thing I discovered while reading online. I’ve been very into colorful knits lately and I’m currently working on a pair of tube socks that were originally meant for my niece and have now been claimed by my daughter. And I’ve prepared 2 sets of mini skeins that I’d like to also knit up into some colorful socks. Here are my tube socks in progress Here are my future color work sets. Not sure how, when or what I’ll make but I’m already looking forward to getting started.

Next time I’d like to knit some patterning – maybe make up my own fair isle pattern and I’ve found just the right place to create my pattern. I was reading a knitting magazine on my ipad and I came across this article about color patterns. I believe it was in a Vogue Knitting magazine.

The article talked about a knitter who invented a program to make color charts for knitting. I found the idea brilliant and immediately saw myself knitting tons of fair isle socks, mittens and hats. Of course I haven’t cast on for any, just yet, but I’m going to for sure! So I’m sure some of you are interested in this as well.

The name behind the website/program is The Tricksy Knitter and that is Megan Goodacre and Charles Jaimet who helps with the tech stuff. The website where you can find charts made by Megan herself, others who have used the chart maker and most importantly where you can create your own charts is: Tricksy Knitter

You can choose from a number of colors and add your own or change the existing ones. This allows you to visualize a pattern for  a future design of yours and you can choose to either make this a private chart or a chart that you share with other members of the website. To use the chartmaker you need to sign up for the website which is free by the way.

I think this is something we should all bookmark for future use because knitting with color is so fun and if the pattern/chart is ours, then it is even more fun!

That’s all for today folks. Next time, I’ll be showing you what I found when I did a bit of stash diving in the basement and share with you ideas for future projects to come.

Until then, have a wonderful week filled with lots of quality crafting time:)




Tube socks on the go go

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you are fine and I hope you are enjoying beautiful weather as we are here in Normandy, France.

As you can guess from my title, I’ve fallen down a very deep rabbit hole called “Tube Socks”. Ever heard of that? Maybe you’ve even fallen down there yourself? Or maybe you are about to:)

So, as you may know, I love knitting socks and I just recently discovered tube socks and knit a pair for my daughter. I was a bit sceptic at first, you know, a sock without heels, how could that possibly work? But it actually does! And very well at that. So now I think that tube socks are the perfect socks when knitting for kids, especially when they are not at hand for testing because you can just make them long and that way you can be sure that they will fit and also the fact that there is no heel, you can be sure that if you make them long, they will be able to wear them much longer than traditionally shaped socks. So what’s not to love?

So I’ve just finished my first pair of tube socks and now I’m working on 2 pairs, yes at the same time:) And, I’ve already decided on how I’m going to do the 3rd pair. I’m into colors so I have 3 variations so far and the next pair will be yet another one. This is the first pair of tube socks I ever knit Here I used my speckled hand dyed yarn

This is one of the 2 pairs I’m currently working on. These will be for a boy and I began with a ball of gradient yarn which is why the colors are not the same on both socks. Now I have run out of that yarn and have found 2 different mini yarn cakes in similar colors that I’m using and I’m going to need to find a 3rd source of yarn to finish them. So these will be colorful yet serious as no flashy colors.

And the 2nd pair I’m working on and is very colorful. I wanted to make them identical and use lots of colors. These are for my niece. So what I did is I went to my basement and went through my mini-skeins of hand dyed sock yarn and I chose the yarns that I liked. What do you think about the colors? Now as I’m getting close to the end, I think I may not actually be able to use all the colors as the sock is getting quite long so I may actually have to finish with a ribbing in the turquoise color and not use the green on the end. I’ll have to take some more measurements and have my daughter model to see if that is the way to go or if I can continue and use up all the yarn I intended to use.

Next, I wound all the yarn into a magic ball. That is something I discovered on Youtube after having read about the concept somewhere. A magic ball, I think is the invention of Kaffe Fasset, you make up a ball of yarn using a number of different coloured yarns and you tie them together in a specific manner which gives you a very sturdy knot so no risk of the thing unravelling when being worn and it allows you to make up your own ball of “self striping” yarn. Now, I made one ball from a single color and one magic ball. The small, single color was ment to be for the toe and cuff but seeing the length of my sock now, I probably will have to leave out the last color (green) and do the ribbing in turquoise rather than ending with the same yarn I began with. But this was the idea, toe and cuff same color and the rest rainbow. My sock an hour ago – now I have actually finished the purple and I’m half way through the pale blue yarn. Looking at my sock now reminds me of Pippi Langstromp, the Swedish character by Astrid Lindgren. You know, the funny girl with red hair and braids and she used to have colorful socks in different lengths? Voila:)

But I really like the outcome. I’m knitting these one at a time and I hope my little niece will love them.

For the next pair, I will also be doing colors but with shorter lengths, here I used 25 m for some and 50 m for other colors and in the future pair I will do 15 m for each color I think. I will redo the magic ball thing which I find ingenious unless I actually just dye up a new set of yarn specifically for my pair of socks. I’m thinking maybe I could do sets of hand dyed yarns and market especially for those wanting to do colorful tube socks. What do you think?

Oh time is running out for me tonight. Promise, promise, next time I’ll tell you all about the ingenious free program you can use to create your own fair isle patterns.

Until then, take care and enjoy your crafting.

The sun BURNS!! Remember!!!!! Arg!

Hi there, today I’m working in the evening and on days like that I sometimes go to the beach and today was such a day. I went with my mum and nephew who are on vacation here for a few days.

Today the weather was not super hot and when we went to the beach late this morning the sky was partly clouded and the wind was fresh and I sat there knitting away in my polar fleece sweater and shorts. And I guess the Icelander in myself has just not yet understood that my skin is super fragile and if I’m going to spend ANY time at all on the beach, no matter what the weather is like, I MUST lather in SPF50 or more! Of course I omitted this today and now the fond memory of knitting on the beach is completely forgotten and the torture of skin on fire has taken over EVERYTHING. I’m even having problems working as the only thing I can think of is how much my legs hurt! ARG! How stupid can I be!!!! Promise, I will NEVER again knit on the beach WITHOUT my super sun block protection!!!!

I hope you folks are more serious than I am and that you remember to take care of yourself when out and about in the sun this summer.

But all is not wasted, I  did get some knitting done! I’ve decided to do some tube socks for my niece and nephews and I cast on for the first pair yesterday and I got quite a lot done at the beach today. I’m using bits and pieces so the socks are a mismatch but I hope they will look nice once they’re all done.  This is the beach when we arrived this morning – looks like it was our private beach:) And here I am working on my tube socks and at this time my legs were still flesh colored:) Don’t you just love the bambi project bag? It’s from my friend Silvia of FridaJo on Etsy.

That’s all for now, I must go back to work and the pain in my burned legs is keeping me from any creative writing:)

Next time, I’ll be sharing a fun and free program with you – perfect if you like colour/fair isle knitting so stay tuned:)

Until then, take care and enjoy your week

The game, the swap and the deception and some other more joyful stuff

Hi there, I’m a bit deflated this morning and I feel like ranting. Please excuse me and if you’d rather not read my ranting you can skip that and start reading at the * below (I totally understand if you’d rather not read my rantings but I still needed to write them out anyway… sorry)

A few days ago I launched 2 fun projects, or at least I thought so. One was the yarn swap between people doing scrap yarn projects such as hexapuffs, granny squares or 10 stitch blankets etc. And the other was a game of sharing an item in my shop and then entering the share link as a comment on the blog to be participate in a draw to win a Sock Ruler.

Well, both projects were a flop as only 1 person participated in each so needless to say the person that participated in the Sock Ruler game has just won herself a Sock Ruler. And the person who was willing to do the scrap yarn swap, well I guess there will just be the two of us, me and her.

This is rather disappointing as I really thought those could be fun projects to do together but I guess I was wrong. But anyway the lucky winner of the Sock Ruler is probably reading this with a big smile and looking forward to receiving her gift (I hope) and the lady that will do the scrap swap with me is hopefully looking forward to that too. I know I am.

* I do have a gazillion little balls of yarn but probably because they are mine and I’ve seen them a hundred times they have sort of lost their appeal where as I’m sure/hopeful that she will enjoy my scraps and that I will enjoy hers. So that’s fun and will get me re-motivated to continue with the hexapuffs project which feels like the project of a lifetime.

When I wrote about this a few days ago I had 66 hexapuffs, since then I have done 2 1/2. Not a lot of progress but I have prepared a project bag just for the hexapuffs where I have some yarn, my dpns, a darning needle and some cotton stuffing. So hopefully I will be taking that one with me when on small outings this summer. After all going to the beach and coming back with 2-4 FO must be sooo rewarding:)

Now on to other stuff. I’ve not done much spinning but I did ply 2 bobbins and rather like the outcome.navajo plied greens navajo plied pinks navajo plied purples

I also managed to finish my pair of Skandium socks

skandium pair done I’m very happy with the outcome. I was a little bit afraid of the neon yellow but finally I think these will be totally wearable. This pattern has a particular construction when it comes to the gusset because the decreases are nothing like what I and probably you too, are used to. And despite the fair isle patterning these were a fast knit.

Having finished a pair of socks, I did cast on for a new pair. I’m doing Melisandre by Kimberly Pieper and I’m using one of my Knitcircus gradient stripes yarn for those. I’m going them magic loop, 2 at a time and I’ve come as far as finished the toe increases (toe up construction) and done 10 rows of patterning so I’m not showing a picture just yet as they don’t look like much so far. I’m also going to do some tube socks for my niece and nephews and the Lady of Lallybroch by CC Almond. I was actually going to cast on for CC’s socks but I ran out of ink in my printer and even though I’m very digital, I still prefer to print out my patterns and keep in my project bag where I can always check them and write out any info etc if needed. But I do intend to cast on for those very soon.

I’m still working on my baby cardigan and I MUST find the time to bind of my Come what may shawl AND do the heels on my afterthought socks that I finished a while back now. I also need to continue my baby knits, so lots of things to knit but not enough time. Guess we all know that problem:)

Well, this is all for today. I have some family from Iceland for a visit for the next 2 weeks so my posts might not be as regular as usual due to less time and I hope you forgive me for that. Have a wonderful Monday and an even better week:)

Where do you look for inspiration for your next project?

Yesterday I shared with you my thoughts and progress on trying to create my own design for a cowl and today I’d like to follow up and think about where we go to look for ideas for our next project.

Do you find inspiration in shops or on the street and then go see if you can find something similar on Ravelry or another pattern website? Or do you browse Ravelry/Patternfish/Craftsy etc for a new pattern? Or do you go to Pinterest?

I used to always turn to Ravelry but more and more I go to Pinterest. I find an incredible amount of gorgeous patterns there and the pin usually links to the website where the pattern is either free or for sale. I have added a large number of both free and for sale patterns like this to my Ravelry library.

I started using Pinterest not that long ago only to find that it is incredibly addictive. I follow a number of knitting, crochet, spinning and DIY boards and inspiration is EVERYWHERE. I can spend hours on end just browsing Pinterest. I’ve of course created my own Pinterest account with a number of boards and my followers have been steadily growing and today I actually have 2.423 followers. Isn’t that amazing? I’m super happy to have such a following and I love seeing the number just go up every time I look. My most popular boards are the Crochet, Knitting inspiration and Hand dyed yarn boards.

Rather than doing separate boards for say: shawls/socks/ how to/ particular technique etc. I include everything knitting related in my Knitting Inspiration board for example. I feel it is easier for me when pinning and repinning and I think others enjoy that because I keep getting new followers/subscribers. If you want to take a look at my Pinterest profile and boards and maybe even follow some of them, you can click here I’d love to see you there:)

Do you use Pinterest for inspiration like I do? Would you like to share your Pinterest profile by leaving a comment below with a link to your Pinterest profile for us to check out and maybe follow you? Do you maybe have a tip or a great Pinner or board that you’d like to share with us? I’d love to hear from you on the subject. After all, we all love (I assume) looking at pictures of beautiful projects and growing our to knit/to crochet list:)

I wish you all a wonderful weekend with lots of crafting time for even more fun:)

Trying to do something original

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you are doing great, I’m soooo happy today is Friday! I’m more than ready for the weekend to arrive and get a break from work!

Last night I was thinking about inspiration and knitting. At the moment I’m working on my Beetlebum shawl, my second Skandium sock and the baby cardigan with the incomprehensible yoke. And that of course just is not enough! So! I thought about casting on for a pair of socks because I have one on my todo list (the outlander inspired socks by CC Almond) and I’m going to do those once my Skandium are done, but I didn’t feel ready for that yet. And so what to do?

Well you know, a few days ago I told you about a custom dye I did for a client, well I used some left over dye and dyed a set of 3 skeins for myself using the cashmerino base yarn and yesterday I just really wanted to knit something with that but rather than find a pattern I decided to just make one up myself.

I decided it would be a cowl because I love cowls in winter and this yarn is just super soft so ideal for that kind of project. I went through a stitch library book and found one that looks very nice and cast on. Unfortunately I ended up ripping everything out because I found it BORING! Yes, I like large cowls that you can wrap around your neck and so there are a lot of stitches and after about 2-3 inches I just couldn’t face having to go on for X inches more and I thought that if I myself didn’t feel like continuing then most likely no one else would. So back to stage zero. I cast on a second time and this time I used the stitch I had originally thought of when thinking about this project – but didn’t go with in the beginning because I was afraid it wouldn’t be interesting enough.

So I’m actually doing a slipped stitch pattern, like a partridge stitch I think it is called where you alternate slipped stitch rows with knit rows. This produces a sort of uneven fabric which I find quite nice but again I’m not sure if it will keep the knitters interest to the end. The positive thing with this is that it will be the perfect tv and travel knit because you can just relax and knit on and only have to be careful that your slipped stitches are not stacking up and creating a ribbing. So a very relaxing knit. Here is my yarn Knitting away Here is a close up of the pattern- can you see that it is sort of uneven ? Doesn’t quite look like regular stockinette?

I think it looks nice BUT do you? I’m really wondering if I should continue and make the whole cowl in this pattern OR if I should use a number of different stitch patterns and make this a sort of “sampler cowl” OR rip it out and do something completely different? And as I’m writing this I just got this crazy (or not so crazy) idea: what if I knit a brioche stitch cowl in 2 colours using the inside and outside of my yarn cake?  That might be sort of cool? Wow, now I’m even more confused!!! The idea does appeal to me….Any suggestions? I’d actually like to make up a sort of pattern and then sell as a kit for example or just offer for free when people buy this type of yarn in the shop.

Well, that’s all for today. I have to take a long, hard think about the future of this project. So have a wonderful Friday and an even better Weekend:)

ps- don’t forget to join in my little game to have a chance of winning a Sock Ruler or if you are doing a scrap yarn project but are getting bored with your own scraps maye you’d like to join in the scrap yarn swap

Do you want to play a little game?

Hi there, today June 17th is Iceland’s National Day and as such should be celebrated! I for instance am not working today (YEAH). And I think I may need to do some serious knitting in front of something fun on Netflix with a bowl of popcorn or something along those lines:)

Now, I thought we could do something fun and do a second giveaway. The first giveaway I did was in relation to my discovery of 2 in 1 sock knitting and the winner got 2 yarn cakes of hand dyed sparkle yarn to try out the technique herself. This time around I’m going to go for something else. The gift and object of your desires is……..

IMG_3127 The sock ruler! The latest craze in sock knitting and something you as a sock knitter must have! This accessory is basically a plastic ruler partly shaped like a sock and it has measurements both in inches and centimeters so no matter what pattern you’re doing, it will work perfectly. What is so great about this is that it makes measuring so much easier. Your sock lies flat and whether you are doing toe up or top down this will make life so much easier not to mention more fun:)

So I have 2 of those to giveaway – sponsored by myself! And now how to participate?

To participate and be eligible to win one of the two sock rulers you have to share a picture of the sock ruler from my shop. This is a link you can use 

Share the picture and link on your social media along with info on what it is and where to buy it (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blog, Tumblr etc) and then leave me a comment below this post with a link to your share. Feel free to share on multiple venues and leave me a comment with a link to each share – that way you will have more chances of winning:) If sharing on Twitter and Instagram you can use the #KIFgiveaway.

I will chose the winners using a random number generator. Each comment will have a number: 1st comment will be nr 1, 2nd comment will be nr 2 and so forth. Two numbers will be drawn and the winners will receive this fabulous knitting accessory for sock knitting – which by the way can also be used for knitting mittens I think.

You have until Friday June 19th midnight my part of the world (Paris, France) to join – share and comment. The winners will be announced on Saturday June 20th and the Sock Rulers will subsequently be mailed out on Monday June 22nd.

I think this can be quite fun and while it will (hopefully) bring my little shop some much needed exposure, it should also be fun for you and very easy to join in.

I will be doing giveaways from time to time and I already have the third giveaway scheduled for beginning of July and that one is being sponsored by this great shop I recently discovered but haven’t told you about just yet. You’ll learn all about that, the shop, the owner and the giveaway later this month.

That’s all for now so join in, share all you can and best of luck to you all!

Happy mail day

Hi there, yesterday was a happy mail day for me! As you know I’ve been going a bit overboard with project bags lately and seeing as I have a collaboration going with Silvia of FridaJo on Etsy I had to buy some more of her bags! So I had been looking at these 2 for a while and last week I just could not wait any longer and today I have them in my hands! And I got a bonus bag! Silvia generously gifted me with a little bag that I think will fit perfectly for sock knitting or maybe hexapuffs. So the bambi and red bags on either sides are those that I had been eyeing for a while and the one in the middle is my gift! And she even added a little owl charm to the tie! So beautiful! And once again, beautiful workmanship and super cute patterns. I’m a big fan. I also know that she is now working on knitting needle cases for her shop and I saw a picture of one for interchangeable needles on Facebook so you should definitely keep an eye out for those.

Also if you haven’t taken advantage of our special offer collaboration yet, remember that this is valid until June 30th. How does it work? You have 2 possibilities:

1) Place an order in my shop and you will get a discount code to use in her shop.  If you buy Fridajo bags for 25 Eur or more you get 10% off and if you buy bags for 35 Eur or more you get 15% off. Isn’t that nice?

2) Make a purchase at FridaJo and you will get a discount code to use in my shop (Knittinginfrance) If you purchase for 20Eur or more you get 10% off and if you purchase for 40Eur or more you get 20% off.

So I hope you will be able to take advantage of one or both of these offers this June and that way you too will have a great happy mail day too:)

That’s all for today. I hope you have a wonderful day and do tune in tomorrow because I have a little game/giveaway planned for you:)

A bit of this and that

Hi there, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and got some quality crafting time. I didn’t get much knitting done but I did do some dyeing and a little spinning.

First off, I have this custom order for gradient yarns. I did the test dyeing last week and then my buyer came back with her choice and this weekend I did the real dyeing of her yarn bases. I think it went quite nice and I hope she will be happy with the results. I dyed a batch for myself at the same time because I so love the colors and I think I may even have found what I’m going to knit with it.

Here are the yarns drying in my garden I hope my client will like her yarn. Now that it is dry I need to reskein and maybe wind into a ball – at least for the 2 fingering weight skeins because gradient yarns look so much better wound into a yarn cake than just in a skein where you really cannot see the real beauty of this type of dyeing. The DK weight yarn I’m not sure because she needs 3 skeins for her project so I tied 3 skeins together so that the colors will flow as if it was just one huge skein. So either I leave it as a huge skein or I wind into yarn cakes and then she has to be careful to knit them up in the correct order and always from the inside. Need to think about that. That’s all the dyeing I got done this weekend I think – I did do some pima cotton on Friday I believe so I’ll need to share the pictures of that with you later.

On to spinning. So I navajo plied a bobbin of colorful merino yarn and then wound into a skein. Now I must wash and finish the yarn. It too a huge amount of time to ply and wind into a skein so I’m pretty sure I have a large amount of yardage here. Need to think about what I’ll knit with this. It is a sock weight type yarn with distinct color changes so this could actually produce some self striping.

I also tested a new gadget that I need to tell you more about in a future post. Today I feel like telling you about a lot of stuff without getting into all the details. I promise I’ll give you more info later:)

So if you are a spinner like I am, you know that wheel bobbins can be very expensive and you also know that you need a fair amount of those or spinning will just not be any fun. So browsing the internet a while ago I ran into something I thought would be a brilliant and economic solution to the storage bobbin thing. These are inexpensive storage bobbins! You wind onto them from your wheel bobbin using a power drill or power screwdriver. Simply brilliant! I’ll tell you more about those in a future post if you are interested. Maybe I’ll do a little video to show you how this works.

That’s all for spinning. Onto knitting. So last week I finished my first sock in the Skandium pattern by General Hogbuffer and I cast on for the second one. I’m at the beginning of the pattern on the second one. I used a neon yellow sparkling yarn as my main color and a serious grey for the patterning and foot. This way I won’t look too crazy when wearing them (I hope). Looks pretty nice don’t you think?

I’m also working on a baby cardigan for a future baby girl. I’m doing the Maile Sweater from the book What To Knit When You’re Expecting. The pattern is free on So I’ve done the body up to the armholes and I’ve finished both sleeves and now I have done the joining of all the pieces and am working the yoke. But I just don’t understand how the yoke decreases and patterning work. There must be something missing in the pattern on the website because I’ve read through it a number of times, knit how I think I should only to rip it out and begin again. So rather than just rip the entire cardigan out, I’ve decided to do a stockinette yoke rather than the lace pattern. Have any of you knit this pattern? If so, did you also have problems with the yoke? If any of you have the book I’d love for you to share with me just the few lines regarding the yoke decreases and lace patterning – I think that should be ok as the pattern is free on the designer’s website. Here’s where I’m at now So I didn’t get much done on this over the weekend as I had such a hard time with the pattern.

Yesterday I went to the beach with my husband and youngest daughter. We went late afternoon and while they played ball I sat and knit. I really enjoy knitting on the beach. I’m not much of a warm weather person, maybe due to my origins, so I really enjoy just medium warm weather and going to the beach late afternoon and just walk or sit and knit. I didn’t want to take my Beetlebum shawl as that is an intricate knit and the Skandium sock is a “knit at work” project and the cardigan was just too frustrating so I went for a hexapuff.

Last week I suggested we do a scrap yarn swap for those of us who are working on either hexapuffs or other scap yarn projects, could be a log cabin blanket, a 10 stitch blanket, granny squares of anything else. I discussed this in a post which you can read here and so far there’s just me and 1 reader which is fine but I would love it if more people joined in the fun so please leave a comment on the post if you want to join.

And just one horror picture before I leave you today! I while ago I represented a yarn company called Arctic Qiviut and as such I was gifted a few skeins of their gorgeous, out of this world soft yarn. This is one such skein from the top of the line (my opinion) Arctic beauty line. I love the color and the yarn is indescribably soft! This is a blend of qiviut, angora and silk. And so, I was going to knit something with this but when winding into a ball WITHOUT a swift and ball winder (don’t ask me why) something horrible happened! Yes! This! A huge mess of tangled yarn. If this were any other yarn I would probably have thrown it into the bin by now but that is out of the question. So, I had begun saving my yarn and winding into a ball. Of course the yarn broke! and my spirits too, so I left it in a little bag in a knitting basket and almost forgot about it. This weekend I actually went through the items in the basket and came across this yarn. I really want to knit something gorgeous with this so I’ve decided to finally wind the whole thing into a ball. I’ve spent hours and hours and I’m still not done but I’m hoping sometime this week I’ll be able to shout VICTORY!

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful Monday:)

Big projects and dwindling stamina

Hi there, do you ever find yourself taking on a huge project like an afghan, a bedspread, an intricate cardigan or something like that? Something that is time consuming and you know from the beginning that you are going to need to be motivated and work hard if you want to actually finish this project. And then a few months on….you sort of lose ….the enthusiasm. You cast on for other things and this big project gets put down for a while and then maybe it even gets forgotten! Well, I’m a fan of small knitting projects like socks and cowls and mittens and things like that but I did take a wild leap of faith a long while ago, when I decided to do the……Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits.  That’s a HUGE project! What was I thinking????????

Well, I seem to remember having reasoned with myself by saying, well ok this is big BUT each hexapuff is just super small. This could be a great project for on the go knitting, each hexapuff will be knit up in a breeze, this will be super fun, a great way to use up my scraps of sock yarns……Does any of this sound familiar to you? (please say yes)

So I started and I have a fairly large tote where I have all my finished hexapuffs along with some scraps and stuffing and the pattern (in the unlikely event I forgot how to knit hexapuffs). And this bag/tote is in my bedroom, always! But it’s been quite a while since I actually did any work on this. I did knit one hexapuff last weekend – I was rearranging something in my room and took out my tote and looked at all my hexapuffs and felt guilty so I knit one more. Since then, I keep looking in the general direction of this bag and I just feel I really should do something and today I had an idea that I’d like to share with you.

So first of, are you too working on a Beekeeper’s quilt,  or maybe the Ten Stitch Zigzag by Frankie Brown? Or may you are just doing your own version of a yarn scrap blanket. And maybe you also feel demotivated sometimes – like me- because the project takes so much time to finish. Would you be interested if we did a sort of “Scrap Swap” ?

My idea for a Scrap Swap would be that those interested would leave me a comment here on the blog and then  I would get everyone’s full details (name and postal address) and then I would send each participant the name and address of their swap mate. (You would have to accept international shipping as my readers come from all over the globe).

Each one would then send our swap partner an X amount of scrap yarns – we could come up with the amount together if you wish or I could decide on something, maybe something like 50 gr of scraps in different yarns the only obligation being that the minimum for a scrap would have to be enough for 1 hexapuff. I also think it would be fun if we each gifted our swap partner with one completed hexapuff that we knitted especially for them -if your partner is doing the beekeeper’s quilt. If he/she is not then maybe we could come up with some other idea for a small gift. What do you think?

I think this could actually be quite fun and re-motivate us and get us back on track. I just counted and I have 66 finished hexapuffs so I have some done but I’m far from finished and a little fun game would definitely motivate me:)

Why don’t you think about this over the weekend and let me know. If you are thrilled with the idea, leave me a comment immediately and I’ll be able to celebrate in advance that I just got a great idea!!! Also if you have other knitting/crochet friends who  you think would like to join us, please share with them, the more the merrier.

I really look forward to hearing from you on this – we don’t have to be a gazillion to participate, even if we are only 2 (me and you) that’s fine too – I really want to get back to knitting a few of those each week so that my quilt will be finished before 2020! So before I leave you and for some added motivation, here’s a picture of my hexapuffs so far

scrap yarn swap on