I’m back from London

Hi there, I’m back from doing the I Knit Fandango show in London. When I think about the show I admit that I have some mixed emotions although most are good ones.

Let me just get the bad ones out of the way: So unfortunately the organisers of the I Knit Fandango did not advertise the show ANYWHERE! So to even know that there was a show, you’d have to be either a friend or family member of one of the vendors or be a client or follow them on social media. So even though there was a queue outside both mornings, there just wasn’t enough visitors to make this a successful show for anyone! This was very disappointing to me and all the other vendors at the show. Most of the vendors came from the UK but others did come from far away such as myself and another lady who also came from France (Polo & co) and then at least 1 vendor came from Germany. This means that all of us vendors had to sell for X amount of £ to break even and cover all costs involved with participating in the show and unfortunately, due to the lack of visitors not all were able to do so and those who did probably just broke even so profit is not a word that comes to mind when thinking of this show.

This was so super disappointing because the selection of vendors was really top notch. The vendors all had gorgeous products to offer and if I had been able to sell more I would have bought a LOT more from my fellow vendors than I actually did. All the vendors I spoke to had the same story so I know it was not “just me” or me items but that this was a general problem at the show what ever the vendor was offering, whatever his price range, big name or small. So even though I did just manage to break even I can’t shake the feeling of missed opportunities and deception.

OK! That’s out of the way! I’m sorry but I just had to do a little venting:)

Now on to the more pleasant topics. So these shows are never only about the money of course and what I loved was meeting all these people. Some I had met at Unraveled in Brighton last summer and some I was just meeting there. Doing a show is always so nice because I love meeting new people and see what other indie dyers are doing. I love getting inspiration, I love hearing people tell me that my yarn is lovely or that they had a pleasant experience buying from me. I love meeting knitwear designers that I’ve heard of on Ravelry, in person. So on a personal level these shows are always very enriching and this one was no exception there of.

When I walked around I would see something I wanted to buy absolutely everywhere! There was so much beautiful yarn and spinning fibre. Also there were gorgeous knitting patterns that I liked and knitting/fibre related jewelry. I did make a few purchases of course, not possible to do 2 days in such a place and go home without any goodies!

I also met a few people who had made purchases from me online and hopefully I will have made a few future clients as well 🙂

I also met someone with whom I’m going to collaborate with later in the year, but I’m not telling just yet who or what that is all about.

One morning I took the time to go photograph some of the most interesting booths (in my opinion) and I also collected business cards to be able to further explore once I was back home. I’m going to be doing post on these different indie dyers/designers on the blog because I really want to tell you about what they are doing and introduce them to you if you do not know them yet.

So I’m excited about that because I’m sure you’re going to really enjoy “meeting” these creative people as much as I did.

But that’s it for today as I now must return to my suitcases and unpack them and more importantly list all the unsold items on Etsy for you to enjoy:)

But before I leave, here are a few pictures of my booth and others at the show to give you an idea of what’s to come on the blog.

IMG_3254 IMG_3216  IMG_3219 IMG_3224  IMG_3227   IMG_3235 IMG_3238  IMG_3244  IMG_3250IMG_3249

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