Speckled yarn – what is that? Should I do some?

After watching an episode of Susan B Andersons podcast the other day where she showed a skein of speckled yarn I got to do a little research. How do you dye yarn this way? What do the skeins look like? And most importantly how does the yarn knit up?


It looks quite interesting though some skeins I’ve seen on the internet do not appeal to me at first, actually seeing the yarn knit up changed my mind completely. If you are not familiar with speckled yarn, it’s a yarn that has been hand dyed, randomly I’d say. The dyer will use a droplet counter or a syringe or some other instrument that will enable them to deposit very small amounts of dye here and there on the skein.

I’ve seen that this can be done either with the skein immersed in some water or by laying the wet skein out and painting the dye on and then steaming to set. The yarn can be either totally coloured with next to no white spots or you can leave some or even much white depending on the sort of look you are going for.

There are not that many speckled yarns out there these days and since the technique seems to be a lot of fun, I decided to give it a go and I went ahead and did the second method (laying the skein out, painting and then steaming). I did two skeins and used a multitude of different colours although there are still some white spots. I think maybe by using the immersion method one can get more coverage and less white spots if that is what one is going for.

Here are some pictures of this first ever dye test

yarn dyeing www.knittinginfrance.com  Here the dyeing is done and now my yarn is all wrapped up in film and steaming away to set the colours.

just out of the dye pot www.knittigninfrance.com Just out of the dye pot and cooling down before rinsing and eventually drying. Can you see that there are 2 different skeins side by side? I did two separate colour mixes, just having fun splashing colour all over in whatever colour took my fancy.

I’ve never knitted with a speckled yarn before so I’m quite excited about that and I’m going to keep one of the skeins for me to test knit into socks (like always I know) and then I’m thinking of offering one for sale at a lower price than usual via Instagram! Yes that’s correct via Instagram. I’ve been immersing myself in Instagram lately and I really love that social media platform and I’ve seen that some people use Instagram for special sales and so on and I’d really like to try that out and thought that it would be fun to do so with my first skein of speckled yarn.

So now I just need to read up a bit on how to actually go about this and I’m going to launch the sale tomorrow Sunday May 30th so look out! On Instagram I’m Knitting in France of course so please check out my account if you are also on Instagram:)

Daydreaming on Ravelry

Hi there, it’s Friday today so hopefully most of you are getting ready for a relaxing, crafty weekend. Personally I don’t have anything special planned except for the never ending housework (ugh) and some knitting and maybe dyeing (YEAH).

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on Ravelry looking at baby oriented patterns thinking of all the things I could knit for the 4 babies that are going to join this world later this year. I have downloaded and printed out a number of free patterns but I’ve also purchased some patterns. I’m looking at blankets and then softies, knitted and crocheted “doudous” like we call them in France. These are like the soft toys that babies like we sometimes call security blankets/toys. I’d love for one of my handknit/crocheted items to become a security blanket/toy for someone:) That’s so cute:)

Here are the patterns that I’m thinking of – some free and some purchased

boy mouse in sweater   Boy mouse in a cabled sweater by Julie Williams

www.knittinginfrance.com  Bunny girl in a dotty dress by Julie Williams

www.knittinginfrance.com  Waldorf knitted rabbit doll by Tatyana Korobkova

www.knittinginfrance.com  Pot belly baby bunny by Aleta Lyn

www.knittinginfrance.com Pot Belly baby duck by Aleta Lyn

www.knittinginfrance.com Noopy’s lovey by Lelah Olander

www.knittinginfrance.com  Fuss free baby blanket by Louise Tilbrook  –  I have actually started making this one and for once I’m not using my own hand dyed yarn but a commercial yarn. Its Rooster Almerino Aran yarn and it is a mix of merino and alpaca so a super soft yarn. Here’s a picture of mine so far, it’s in my lap and as I knit on circulars it’s not easy to picture the whole thing but you get the idea and the colours. The pattern is more like an outline and then you can do like you wish, choose your colours, length of stripes, stockinette or garter stitch and so forth.

Fuss Free baby blanket www.knittinginfrance.com

www.knittinginfrance.com Levi’s baby blanket by Lindsay Humphrey

www.knittinginfrance.com Baby owl socks and hat by Beatrix Knits

Wow that’s a lot of patterns! I’m sorry if I have inundated you with patterns and ideas, I guess I lost myself daydreaming and thinking of all the wonderful things I could knit/crochet for friends and family! If only I had more time to knit!!!

Are you doing any baby knitting at the moment? Do you have a favorite baby pattern? Be it a blanket, softie or clothing? Do share and show pictures of your finished items if you feel like it. I’d love to see your work and or favorite patterns.

That’s it for today, take care and have a wonderful day:)

Meet Ingrid Wagner and her gigantic knitting needles

Today is probably the last post in my series of posts on the artists that I met at the I Knit Fandango show in London this May. Today’s artist is called Ingrid Wagner and she is a textiles artist and teacher as well as a painter and writer. So a very talented and versatile artist. Ingrid’s focus is on extreme knitting and crochet and she has her own line of knitting needles and crochet hooks including tunisian crochet hooks. For the extreme knitting/crochet she does not work with yarn but with leftover weaving cloth. Let me explain. Imagine a textile factory producing all types of woven fabric. This fabric is then cut and made into something and thus there are always going to be cuts and scraps and leftover fabric and this is precisely what Ingrid uses in her work. She also works with roving which is basically wool ready for spinning. So she prefers working with 1 strand of chunky material versus a number of strands of different yarns. Ingrid Wagner big knits at www.knittinginfrance.com Here you can see a portion of her booth. In the back you see her gorgeous rugs and blankets. Hanging in the front is a white throw in tunisian crochet made from roving (the material is shown next to the throw). You also see her balls of roving (in the front) and her balls of woven fabric. These are mostly wool but she also has a selection of woven cotton which she uses for example to make bath mats and these are really nice. Ingrid Wagner This is Ingrid’s assistant for the weekend and in the front of the picture you see a selection of her circular needles. She sells single pointed needles, circular needles, crochet hooks and tunisian crochet hooks Ingrid Wagner big knits Do you see the sturdy plastic “cable” on these circulars? ingrid wagner needles Her single pointed needles are colourful and the longest/biggest needles measure 1.20 m!! Impressive don’t you think? Ingrid wagner big knits  A big crochet ingrid wagner tunisian crochet The tunisian crochet also comes with a sturdy “cable” like the circulars and has a wooden “button” on the other end to keep stitches from falling off. Ingrid Wagner big knits And this is the lady herself holding her big needles (1.20 m). Ingrid was really fun to meet and full of enthusiasm. She took the time to explain how she sources her “yarn”, showing me her different kinds of needles and hooks and just explaining what she is all about. A wonderful and creative character and I think she engaged a lot of visitors who may have stopped just out of pure surprise but went away feeling inspired and happy after a few minutes of exchange with Ingrid. Ingrid has her own website where you can see pictures of her work, purchase from her shop or sign up for a workshop and you can visit her website by clicking here Ingrid also has her own Youtube channel where you can see her knit/crochet and learn to do so yourself. You can also see her in an interview with BBC on the occasion of her being in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010 for knitting with the longest needles – 4 m each! Not for the faint of heart:) You should definitely check that out by clicking here Ingrid has a fun take on knitting and crochet and her textiles are really beautiful for the home – I like her rugs, throws and cushions. I have tried my hand and extreme knitting myself when I met Rachel John at a craft show in Paris a few years ago and I bought my first set of extreme knitting needles and made blanket for my sister. I also purchased a kit for a rug but haven’t gotten around to actually doing it but I intend to one of these days. I even stocked some big single pointed knitting needles for the shop but they are not currently listed in my Etsy shop but should you be interested, you can always send me a message and I’ll get back to you with available sizes and prices. Knitting with big needles is quite different from knitting with “small” needles. I knit the blanket on size 26mm and I had to do so in a sofa so the ends of the needles could rest on either side of me to avoid having all that weight on my arms and shoulders. Also the movements are not the same. I did find this to be a fun addition to my skills and I love the look of chunky home accessories which always look so modern and comfy. So if you want to try your hand at extreme knitting, don’t be afraid, if you know how to knit or crochet you can do so with larger needles as well. Before I say good bye, here’s a picture of me knitting my first piece of extreme knitting blanket www.knittinginfrance.com That’s all for now. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed meeting Ingrid and learning about her big knits. Until next time, take care and enjoy your crafting:)

ps- Hi guys, I just got an email from Ingrid and she asked me to make it clearer that she does BIG KNITTING whereas other designers such as Rachel John whom I mention in the post, do what is called extreme knitting. So two things not to be confused. Also I misunderstood how the woven fabric she uses is made so I thought I’d just share with you the explanations that Ingrid just sent me and my apologies to Ingrid and all of you for not getting this right the first time around:)


Our selvedges are not produced as you have described but are the selvedges (right hand edge) of woven fabric which is cut away after weaving has been finished. They are there for technical reasons during the weaving to hold the right hand edge straight and, when weaving is completed, they, too, have completed their job and are considered a waste product by the weaving mill.  Because the mill will have woven miles and miles of the fabric, the cut selvedges are also in one long piece. Therefore, there are no “cuts & scraps”. The long piece is one of the reasons why the selvedges are so good to knit with. The others are: a) they would go to landfill if we weren’t using them b) 100% wool   c) colour & pattern already woven in.  The selvedges won’t fray because the fabric has been fulled (commercial word for felting) before being sent out worldwide to be made into goods of one kind or another. The mill which has done the weaving will not be the manufacturers of the goods. They are simply weaving to order.  I fell over the selvedges one day when I was in a mill sourcing other textile yarns, asked the question “what’s this” and thereby, as they say, hangs the tale.

 Rachel was already doing Extreme Knitting at the time and I could see that there might be a problem in that 1) lots of strands of yarn together could cause problems to the maker 2) buying the real thing i.e. wool, would be expensive and customers might very well resort to using acrylic in their knitting, not appreciating the difference.  I didn’t want to contribute to either situation and decided to look for something different.

One for the road.

Today I’m honored to be mentioned on East London Knit’s blog! Thank you Renée – Please take a look at her blog and enjoy:)

EastLondonKnit Shows & Tells


As the end of Me Made May approaches, I thought I would post another sewing project.

Sewing: mmmay plaid dress

I would consider this a semi-successful project. Perhaps you can tell by the look on my face. I bought this fabric during a trip to Seattle a couple of years ago. What can I say? The grunge years were formative and I have never gotten over my love of plaid flannel.

Anyway, this is the 2246 Simplicity pattern: The Traveler Dress. I got the pattern a few years ago from Raystitch in Islington and don’t know why it took me to so long to get around to sewing it. It is a simplified version of a classic buttoned shirt, and wasn’t a difficult project.

That said, it came out rather shorter than I expected.

simplicity 2246 traveler dress

This is not passing the finger-tip test of my school days. We tried to take some pics illustrating the perils…

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KnitRunDig and JavaPurl

Next in my series of talents that I met at the I Knit Fandango show in London is the lovely Sam of KnitRunDig.  I met sam for the first time at the show where she shared a booth with CC Almond of JavaPurl.

Sam sews amazing project bags which she sells in her Etsy shop as well as at craft fairs/shows such as that one. When I went to look at her booth I saw a number of bags that I wanted to snatch up but being the serious person I am (hm hm) I decided that it would not be reasonable to spend all that I earned at the show to buy from other vendors or at least not until the end of the show:) So when I came back one of the bags I really wanted was gone ( it had super cute foxes) but lucky for me the other must have bag was still there!

Knit Run Dig and Java Purl This is the booth shared by Sam of Knit Run Dig and CC of Java Purl

Here’s a picture of the bag I got from Sam project bag knitrundig along with a current project. It’s a japanese tissue and just gorgeous! It has a ‘handle” which you can see on the right side of the picture and this allows you to carry the bag on your wrist for example if knitting on the go. It is large enough to accommodate a mediums sized knitting project. At the moment I have my ball of yarn, my pattern, a notions pouch and my shawl in progress and it’s perfect!

You can visit Sam’s Etsy shop here  Currently she does not have a lot of models in the shop but I know that she can do custom orders so if you are looking for a fun and yet practical project bag you should definitely contact her with your idea and I’m sure she can do the trick for  you:) Sam also blogs and has a video podcast which you can check out here.

Sam is friends with the fun loving CC Almond which you may know as Java Purl and together they are organising a knitting retreat in Scotland later this year and I’ll tell you more about that later.

Now on to CC – she’s an American living in Edinburgh, Scotland and she is an avid sock knitter and sock designer. You may know her as JavaPurl or have heard of her Doctor Who socks. CC has her own blog which you can visit here and together with her daughter Damaris she does a video podcast under the name Geeky Girls Knit. The podcast has lots of interesting features and CC being CC, it is also loads of fun to watch and you can take a look at her podcast here if you are not yet familiar with it.

In their latest episode they talk about the I Knit Fandango show in London and share the goodies that she brought back home with her – some of which come from my shop! On this note, I agreed to produce something for the goodie bags each participant in her and Sam’s knitting retreat will get this autumn. That is super exciting and good exposure for me. Also she loved my yarns and bought one for herself:) Can’t wait to see what she’ll do with it. I also gave her a skein of sock yarn – she chose the colour herself- for her to design a pair of socks with. That is the first time I ever pair up with a designer to use my yarn in a design. Yarn support to designers is very exciting and I’m sure this will give me good exposure once the future pattern will be released (not until later this year).

Like I said above, CC is a designer and you can visit her pattern shop on Ravelry here She is probably best known for her sock designs, especially the series of Doctor Who inspired socks. After seeing her socks at the show I fell in love with one pattern which is also film inspired. The pattern is called The Lady of Lallybroch and is inspired by the Outlander.

Lady of Lallybroch by Java Purl  These are the socks on display at the show and they are gorgeous. Lady of Lallybroch by Java Purl This is a picture I found of someone’s version of those on Ravelry and I feel that the solid color shows the cables better on the picture. You have this intricate celtic cable design going from cuff to toe on the front of the sock. So these are on my todo list and I have already chosen my yarn and so they should be cast on shortly. Here’s my future version of this pattern The Lady of Lallybroch Socks and yarn The yarn is a gradient yarn from Knitcircus and I think it will show the cables beautifully.

Now on to Sam’s and CC’s knitting retreat. The retreat is called Geeky Puffin Knit Palooza and is scheduled for the weekend of 29th of Oct – 1st of Nov 2015. It will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland. You can sign up for residential or non-residential places. In addition to taking classes, participants will take part in a yarn crawl and will have early access to the on site marketplace – before the marketplace opens up to the general public. Also participants will all receive a goodie bag (and those are going to be fantastic) and there will be gorgeous door prizes too. This is looking to be a wonderful retreat so if you are in Europe or going to Scotland, I suggest you check out their website and sign up if you can. All the info can be found here

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed meeting these two lovely ladies and hearing about their work. There will be at least one more post this week on yet another inspiring artist I met at the show so I hope you are enjoying my series.

Take care

Kettle Yarn Co and East London Knits

Hi there, lets continue the presentations of all the wonderful talents I met at the I Knit Fandango show in London this May. I didn’t have the time to post yesterday so we are a day behind “schedule” but I’m sure you’ll forgive me for that. Long weekends are not necessarily good production weekends and this one was spent with friends and family so not much knitting or writing got done:)

Now on to today’s subject. So at the I Knit Fandango show my booth was across from the talented Linda of Kettle Yarn Co and she was assisted by her friend and designer Renée Callahan of East London Knits. Both Linda and Renée were present at Unwind Brighton last summer but I did not get to know Linda until now. Renée however I did get to know last year and was pleased to get a chance to meet her again in London.

Linda founded her company Kettle Yarn Co in 2013 and her focus is on luxury yarn, quality blends of British yarns that are ethically sourced. She has a great sense of colour and the yarn bases she has chosen to work with are all gorgeous. Her booth was full not only of her beautiful yarns but also with knits made from her yarns – shawls and sweaters and those all drew people in and made people want to cast on for one of those in her yarn immediately!

Linda is an independent hand dyer like myself only she has reached a stage where she is able to focus solely on her yarn business as a full time job – something I currently dream of:) Another thing that inspires me about Linda is that she has worked hard to create colourways that she can repeat and thus dye a number of skeins in the same colour which in turns makes it possible for you to knit a large piece such as a sweater using skeins from the same dye lot or if not the same dye lot at least of an identical colour. I need to think more like Linda and take her as an example and come up with my own repeatable colourways because at the moment I’m all in the “inspiration of the moment” phase which means my yarns are more for small projects such as mittens, socks, hats, cowls, shawls and not so much for larger projects like  sweaters (unless you place a private order for X number of skeins for your project).

You can visit Linda’s website/shop/blog here

Kettle Yarn Co

Like I said above, Linda had a helper in her booth, her friend Renée Callahan which you may know as the designer behind East London Knits. Here she is in Linda’s booth (Kettle Yarn Co)

Renee Callahan in Kettle Yarn Co booth  Many of the designs displayed in the Kettle Yarn Co booth were designs by Renée knit with yarns from Kettle Yarn Co. Renée has a background in fashion studies and works as an independent knitwear designer. She self publishes her own patterns and also does patterns for third party publications. One of the things that differentiates her from many designers of hand knits, is the fact that she is also a skilled machine knitter. On her website/blog you can see some of her work as she does commission designs as well as her own projects. I don’t know if the machine knitting skill adds to her performance as a hand knit designer but I do know that it does not subtract from it:) You can buy Renées patterns on Ravelry and if you click here you’ll be taken directly to her Ravelry pattern shop.

As a fan of her designs I own a few of her patterns myself such as:

Beetlebum of East London Knit Beetlebum shawl

Frost and Flame of East London Knit Frost and Flame shawl

Rhombolution of East London Knit Rhombolution double knit scarf

The first picture is of a shawl called Beetlebum which was actually gifted to me by Renée herself! Thank you soooo much Renée 🙂

Here are some pictures from her Ravelry page:

Beetlebum of East London Knit Beetlebum by Renée Callahan of East London Knit I love the combination of patterns and how the diamond shapes are “hugged” with a “stripey” lace pattern on each side.

Renée gave me this pattern last week and I immediately went about casting on. I cast on twice, once using a lace weight yarn and once using a fingering weight yarn. The pattern calls for lace but when looking at the pictures I thought the yarn looked a bit heavier than the lace yarn I had on hand so I decided to try both fingering and lace.

Beetlebum shawl in fingering www.knittinginfrance.com Beetlebum shawl on www.knittinginfrance.com  You can clearly see the different results here. I like both. The fingering gives this a “sturdier” look and is maybe a more “everyday” look whereas the lace version is “ethereal”, delicate and lightweight. After sharing my little test knits on Instagram I decided to go for the lace version which was getting more likes than the fingering version (but I just may cast on for the fingering version anyway after this one is done). And so I undid everything and cast on FOR REAL.

Like I said before, this weekend I did not get much knitting done but I did knit a bit in the car on my way to our family event and before going to bed. After all a day with no knitting at all is just not an option 🙂 So here is where I’m at today:

Beetlebum by East London Knits Looking good so far I think.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these two young and talented ladies and encourage you to visit their websites and support their work by sharing what you like and why not purchase a pattern/skein or two:)

That’s all for today. More fun stuff to discover tomorrow, until then take care and have a lovely day.

Some progress on my projects and future cast ons

Hi there, all this week I have been sharing with you the wonderful people that I met at the I Knit Fandango show in London last week and I hope you have enjoyed reading about and discovering these artists. I’m not done yet, I have a few more to introduce to you next week but I thought I’d change the subject today and share some of my knitting with you.

So lately I have been doing quite some knitting and have actually finished 2 projects and almost finished the 3rd and 4th so lots to share.

First off, I have finished my first in a series of baby blankets. There are a few new babies expected to join my circle of family and friends this year and I thought it would be nice to give them a hand knit blanket. So I have finished the first one. I did not really use a pattern for this but it was more a stitch pattern really that I found on a blog. It is called the Heirloom Diamond Baby Blanket and I knit it on size 4 mm/US 6 size circulars and used a merino/nylon/cashmere blend that I had hand dyed myself. Not knowing if this particular baby will be a boy or a girl, I chose a bright turquoise colour which I hope will appeal to the parents as much as the baby. (Yes I decided that this particular pattern would be for this particular baby). The website where I found the pattern has a few other free patterns and is called Dragon Knits. You can click here to visit the blog. Just scroll down the landing page to see the blanket pattern.

So here are my pictures

www.knittinginfrance.com     www.knittinginfrance.com Here you see a close up of the diamond pattern. This was actually not that long to knit. The blanket has a “frame” in moss stitch and then diamond pattern all over the rest. I really love the outcome and I think that this pattern works especially well with one colour yarn or semi solids and a lush blend like this with cashmere makes it super soft to the touch. The yarn was hand dyed by myself of course. So happy with this.

Then I also just finished a pair of socks. Now this is a pair that I began a while back and I had finished the first sock and more than half the second one and then I just let it wait, and wait…. Well now I have finally finished knitting them and the pair is super nice. I love the yarn (which I dyed myself by the way) and I think the stitch pattern goes really well with the yarn. The pattern is called Regency Socks by Heatherly Walker  the pattern is for sale on Ravelry here

And then the picture

My Regency socks are done www.knittinginfrance.com

And on to my almost finished project. This is a shawl that I began as soon as I received my order from Knitcircus a while ago. I actually knitted the shawl in 2 days and then had to put it on the side as I waited for the beads to arrive. Once the beads were here, I was too busy preparing for the show in London to have the time to finish so now that I’m back, I intend to finish this for real next week. I do need to watch some tutorials on Youtube because it calls for a beaded russian bind off that I’m not familiar with.

The pattern is called Come What May by Susan B Anderson and is for sale on Ravelry here

The Come What May shawl on www.knittinginfrance.com  I put the beads there too to show you. I ordered some clear beads and some aqua beads and I like those better. So Almost done here!

Now on to my work in progress:

First I’m doing my first pair of socks by General Hogbuffer. I chose Maudie and I’m using a sparkling sock blank that I dyed myself. The pattern is quite fun and the cable pattern easy to learn although you do need to follow what you’re doing or you will (like me) do some cabling mistakes one time or another. Also the construction of the heel is quite unique to accommodate the cable pattern down the heel. So a fun pattern there. I’ve done one sock and since I took the picture this morning I’ve done a few inches of the leg on the second one.

Maudie socks by General Hogbuffer on www.knittinginfrance.com

And then there is a sort of stole/scarf/cowl thing that I’m knitting with my handspun yarn. I actually have 3 skeins of this same yarn and I wanted to retry some entrelac. I had done some a long time ago but never finished my project. Then I started this one a while ago and it too has found itself on the sidelines. But it does look nice and I do want to use my handspun yarn so now I just need some discipline to keep going and FINISHING. There is no pattern here, I’m just trying to learn and get better at doing entrelac.

Handspun yarn and an entrelec stole  Hand spun yarn on www.knittinginfrance.com The yarn is a blend of fibres with angelina for a little sparkle:)

And my latest cast on which actually only dates from this morning ! This is a shawl that a young and talented knitwear designer gifted me but as I’m going to tell you all about her next week, I’m going to keep the suspense and you’ll have to wait until after the weekend to know who this is and what I’m knitting 🙂

Then I already have a new project lined up for casting on! I actually have 2 but just pictures of this one – I’ll tell you all about the other next week because that also involves a young and talented designer I just met:) But I can tell you that both projects are socks.

So, I’m going to be knitting my second pattern by General Hogbuffer and this time a colourwork pattern. I chose Skandium and 2 highly contrasting yarns that I have hand dyed.

Skandium by General Hogbuffer What is dark blue on the picture will be neon yellow and what is light grey will be medium grey. What do you think? I know the neon yellow is NEON but I have a feeling this will work super nice. So I’m excited about casting on for this pair. Now I just need to first finish my Maudie socks and cast of my Come What May shawl and then I can go ahead and cast on! I hope I’ll have some time for knitting this weekend.

Well this is all for now. I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures and reading about my little adventures:) Next week I’ll continue to introduce you to more wonderful folks that I met in London and share with you the project I cast on for this morning and the one I’m going to cast on soon. I wish you all a wonderful and creative weekend.

Take care:)

More of the I Knit Fandango show

Hi there, I was going to write a post on yet another fantastic person/persons I met at the show but I find myself running out of time to do what I need to do so today I’m just going to share with you the latest episode of my friends video podcast. So at the show I met the wonderful CC otherwise known as Javapurls and she hosts a video podcast with her daughter Damaris.

I’m going to do a post on CC hopefully this weekend or next week at the latest but so as not to leave you for a full day without any news, here’s a link to her latest episode. You will hear all about her impressions of the show and more importantly you will see all the gorgeous stuff she got at the show – some of which is actually from ME:)

So just click here and ENJOY 🙂

Meet Max of Maxsworld

Today I’d like to introduce you to a very talented lady called Max. Max is from the UK and she makes and sells knitting and crochet themed jewelry as well as knitted moths which are sold as wall decorations. You can visit Max’s shop and blog here

Her website is a joy to visit. I love browsing through the gorgeous jewelry and enjoy seeing her hand knit moths which I find totally amazing. Another super fun feature, are her knitting themed animation videos (knitimotions) . She did a course in animation and has shared some of her videos on the website for us to enjoy. Max also has patterns some free some for sale on her website.

Max Alexander on www.knittinginfrance.com    Max Alexander at work (picture taken from her website)    max in her booth     Max in her booth at the I Knit Fandango show last weekend

maxsworld earrings on www.knittinginfrance.com      maxsworld jewelry on www.knittinginfrance.com      earrings by maxsworld on www.knittinginfrance.com     A selection of her jewelry

Max Alexander hand knit moths on www.knittinginfrance.com Max Alexander handknit moths on www.knittinginfrance.com  Her knitted moths which are just stunning artwork

maxsworld jewelry on www.knittinginfrance.com This is what I bought from her at the show. I just love these, they are so clever and cute!

So if you were not familiar with Max’s work I highly recommend you take a look at her website and shop and I’m sure that like me you will be mesmerized by her work. Just click here to enter into her magical world.

That’s all for today folks. I hope you enjoy my posts on the creative indie artist that I met at the I Knit Fandango show last weekend. I still have some more to write about so stay tuned!


Meet Rachel Brown of Porpoise Fur and learn about Yarn in the City Yarn Crawls

Today I’d like to tell you about Rachel Brown from Porpoise Fur. Rachel is American but now lives in the UK. She has been spinning for a number of years and after dabbling in dyeing her own fibre she launched her own online shop selling hand dyed spinning fibre under the name Porpoise Fur. You can visit her shop and blog here

I met Rachel at the I Knit Fandango show in London last week and loved her colourful wool tops for spinning

Rachel Brown of Porpoise Fur on www.knittinginfrance.com


But Rachel is also a knitwear designer and she sells her designs on Ravelry and I encourage you to go take a look at her designs here

I happen to have seen this gorgeous cowl that Rachel designed for or in collaboration with Linda of Kettle Yarn Co. This cowl will not be release until July but I guarantee that you too will LOVE it. So if you like cowls, then take note and check out Rachel’s designs on Ravelry for a new cowl design!

Rachel and her friend Alison (I may have written this wrongly and apologize deeply if that is the case) are responsible for YARN IN THE CITY. You can click on the name here to the left and you will end up on their website. They organise yarn crawls and this year there are 2. So the first yarn crawl will be in Brighton on Saturday 20th of June. Participants will meet up at the railway station in Brighton for a fun filled day visiting local yarn shops. If you are in the Brighton or London area I highly recommend you join in the fun. I had such fun at the Unwind Brighton festival last summer that I’m convinced a yarn crawl in Brighton has got to be the best!

The second Yarn Crawl will take place in London and this is actually the third edition of the London Yarn Crawl. This will take place on Saturday September 5th and will of course include a day of visiting a number of participating shops and also access to a pop up marketplace for even more goodies. The London Yarn Crawl and marketplace focus on UK indie artist so if you are in the area and enjoy unique, quality supplies and want to support indie artist then this is definitely an event for you.

Information for both events can be found on the Yarn in the City blog/website (see link above).