Like mother like daughter

Hi there, as we all know sharing something we love with those we love is a great pleasure. Sharing with people we just met who appreciate our work and share the same passion is also wonderful.

As a knitter I share that love with my mother who has always knitted and taught me when I was young. Today, I share my love of yarn dyeing with my youngest daughter. My other two children are not too interested although my son does help out with the shop (going to the post office or working at shows with me) and my oldest daughter much appreciates my handknit socks and blankets.

But my youngest, Inès, who is about to turn 9, loves working in the studio with me and has worked on the carding machine and enjoys dyeing as well. That is such fun and this weekend she even said to me: “mom, when I will be big I too will teach my little girl to dye yarn”. Isn’t that just too wonderful:)

Do you have stories of sharing your passion with others? Pictures you’d like to share with us? I’d love to hear/see and I’m sure the other readers would too.

Here are some pictures of my little indie dyer

A proud indie dyer at work Ines is dyeing a sock blank. She came up with the design herself a young indie dyer at work  Hard at work, deciding on organising the colours and so onsock blank being painted by hand Almost done

And here is the sock blank ready for you to knit from Following morning, here she is with her sock blank all dry and ready for sale! I offered to knit her a pair of socks with her yarn but she would rather I sell it 🙂

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