It’s almost Easter!

hi there, how are you? It’s weekend time and in addition Easter weekend which for Europe means a long weekend- and I think we all love those:)

So, tomorrow is my last day in Iceland this time around, I’ll be back soon, just don’t know when. Last time I told you about Easter eggs and here in Iceland they are a big tradition and when you go grocery shopping you have entire isles filled with different kinds of eggs of all sizes. I actually took some pictures for you the other day. I tried to be discreet about it so the quality of the pictures is not great but you’ll get the picture.




Yummie! And YES I’m going to have an egg or two myself:) temptation is just too big for any resistance to be successful.

Now on to more serious matters. Socks. I just finished my second pair of 2 in 1 socks. And I loved it so much that I actually thought about casting on for a third pair immediately. However I decided that a change would be good so I cast on for the Zigzagular socks ( free pattern on Ravelry). I’m doing them TAAT cuff down using one of my own hand dyed yarns. I haven’t pictured them yet as I just cast in this afternoon so I’ve only done a few rows but tomorrow I should get some knitting done so you should get a glimps of them soon.

Now for the pair that I just finished, I used a gradient yarn from Knitcircus and I still have plenty left so I think I’ll knit a pair of child sized socks with the rest. I gave this pair to my sisters’s son and he LOVED them!



The yarn is beautiful and the socks match up perfectly.

Now the other day when I went grocery shopping I was unable to ignore the yarn department. Even if I have a very comfortable personal stash and do lots of dyeing, I still have trouble ignoring yarn when I come across some. So, I bought a ball of sock yarn, just one as I’m a serious person:) I chose a ball of multicolored sock yarn in 75% wool, 25% nylon. And the silliest thing is that once I finished my pair of 2 in 1 socks this afternoon and cast on for a new pair, I didn’t even use this new yarn! I had brought a skein of my own hand dyed yarn just in case I needed to cast on for a new project and that’s what I used! But, no worries, I will knit socks with this new ball of yarn very shortly. Promise! Want to see?



I think this will make for a very nice pair of socks.

That’s all for today, thanks for stopping by. I wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend and hope you will have lots of time for crafting and lots of chocolate to thoroughly celebrate Easter:) 

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