Knitting in Iceland

Hi there, yes this week I could call the blog Knitting in Iceland for a change as I’m in Iceland for a few days for family reasons. I came yesterday (Monday) and I leave early morning this Sunday. Just a quick stop to visit with my mom who is ill at the moment.

Last week in France spring seemed to be on its way in France, some sun and just a little warmer with some spring flowers peeking through in the garden. Here in Iceland winter is still King. Today the weather was beautiful but cold and as you will see in my pictures there still is some snow.



These are taken from my parents apartment.

Just before leaving I cast on for my travel/Iceland project which unsurprisingly turned out to be a new pair of socks! BUT I’m doing them with the 2 in 1 method again:) I’m using my latest gradient yarn from the Knitcircus sock yarn club I’m in and using a long circular needle rather than dpns. So this time around I actually try two new things. 1) using the same color yarn 2) knitting on a circular rather than on double pointed needles. And guess what, I’m progressing rather quickly. Once you get past the cuff, knitting like this seems to go super fast.

Check out these pictures I took this morning

 Here you only see the outer sock which is purled(as inside out)  

Above you see both socks and can appreciate the yarn I’m using.

I was supposed to work afternoon/evening shift but due to a technical problem I was not able to so I did some more knitting and thes evening I’ve actually turned the heel so tomorrow I will begin the gusset decreases. Take a look



 On the picture just above I tried to “discover” both socks for you to see. This looks awkward but you get the picture of where I’m at and how my yarn progresses.

That’s all for today. The plan for this week is just to be around for my mom, work some, knit some and enjoy Easter in Iceland for the first time in years. Icelandic Easter eggs are THE BEST. I will not be able to actually share them with you but I will take some pictures to show you:)

So until next time, take care and enjoy your crafting:) 

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