Knitting and Charity

Hi there, knitters are generous people and I’m sure many of you have already done some knitting for charity. I have organised knitting for premies and I have also knit in support of breast cancer. I feel that knitting for charity is not only knitting for a good cause but also a bit selfish because it brings such pleasure to know that what I’m knitting is going to be useful for someone in need. I prefer to knit items that are then donated rather than knit something that will be sold to raise funds because I have seen first hand that people are just not ready to pay a reasonable price for hand knit items. People do not realise the price of the yarn let alone the work that goes into making the item. It is just so disheartening when you spend your hard earned money on good yarn and the little free time you have to knit something for a wonderful cause and then your items either just don’t sell or are being sold for a ridiculous price that does not even cover the price of the yarn alone.

I recently got burned doing this late last year and I think and hope that it was the very last time for me! My mother and I knit a number of mittens and socks and small accessories that were to be sold at a christmas market in my town to raise funds for a local charity for children with cancer.  As I also enjoy making fantasy jewelry I also made some bookmarks, hair accessories, rings and earrings for them to sell. These cost a lot less to make and take way less time to prepare and yet that is what actually sold and what people were willing to pay for!

IMG_1552 IMG_1416 IMG_1533 IMG_1347 IMG_1319 I was so disappointed about the lack of interest in my handknits that I had put all my heart into making that I vowed to NEVER knit another item to sell! I’ve not given up on knitting for charity though, I will just do it differently and knit items that will then be GIVEN directly to those who need them.  The charity in my town that supports children with cancer and their families is organising another fundraiser and I will be making jewelry for them but NOT any knits.

And speaking of charity knitting where your knitted item is gifted to the recipient who needs it, I just discovered a great charity as I was reading my spring issue of Addicted to Sock Knitting ezine  It is called Knitted Knockers Charities Inc. – click here for the website This is a charity that focuses on knitting prosthetics for women who have suffered a mastectomy. They work in the USA as well as in Europe and women in need can send them an email and request a knitted breast. The website gives you a free pattern and information on the mission of this charity. They are currently requesting prosthetics in cup sizes B, D and DD. So if you feel like doing some charity knitting and help a woman who has suffered a mastectomy then this is definitely a charity I would recommend.

Do you do charity knitting on a regular basis? Do you knit for all types of charities or just one and how do you choose which charity you would like to support? Do you know of a charity that is in need of donations? Please do share with us by leaving a comment after the post.

That’s all for today, until next time take care of yourself because to be able to love and care for the people you love, you must first love and take care of YOURSELF. Happy crafting 🙂

5 thoughts on “Knitting and Charity

  1. All the best with your charity work, that is such a lovely idea. I donate yarn to two centres in my area, and the people of the centres then knit or crochet for themselves.
    If I knit for someone else, it is normally for a family member that has asked for something, and I let them buy the yarn and I will knit. I am fortunate to have a daughter that thinks a hand knit item is a real fashion statement, and are always asking for something special.
    Have a great weekend and happy knitting. 🙂


  2. You make a very good point about people not wanting to pay for hand knit items. I think many people don’t understand how much time it takes to hand knit something–they don’t appreciate the value of it. However, if you ask anyone who has every received hand knit socks or mittens they do understand the value of their gift. (Of course I have also become very selective in who I give hand knit gifts to!)
    Glad that you didn’t give up knitting for charity. Jewelry is good to sell but the actual hand knit item is really valuable to the receiver. I know that when my baby was born the hospital gave away knitted/crocheted hats that had been donated.
    I have contemplated many times knitting for charity but have not every actually sent something in! Maybe I’ll knit some up for the local hospital! Have you ever read the book Knitting for Peace? It’s a pretty good book filled with anecdotes and various charities that you can knit for. Worth a read!
    Thanks for your blog post on charity knitting!

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  3. I love knitting and am happy to supply the wool and the time, but to post from franc is expensive does anyone know of a system to get my knitting to charities as I live in France

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    • Hi there and sorry for approving your message so late but I have been away a few days. There are a number of charities in France that will happily accept your donations. There are a number of associations that accept clothing (hats and brassiere) for premies, others knit for the homeless. I’m sure you can find a cause in Francs that can work for you.


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