More neons

hi there, today is a gorgeous Sunday here in Normandy, France. Today is also Women’s Day and so I decided that a morning dyeing yarn would be perfect. 

As I just got my new neon dyes this week I went with that. 

I dyed 2 sock blanks that will give you a pair of identical striped socks. I also dyed a few skeins of sock weight yarn leaving large portions undyed and then dyeing stripes in neon and petrol blue. I also dyed yarn for my future pair of Sindri mittens by Shannon Okey.

This afternoon I’m heading for the beach with family and friends and my needles. Not sure if I’ll be able to actually knit but I’ll take some picks and share later. 

Now for the pictures from this morning’s dye session.

The yarn with the neon stripes will later look similar to this

I really love how this works up. I’m knitting a pair of socks now using this yarn and will show you pictures after the weekend..

That’s all for now, I’m off to the beach:)

Take care and have a great Sunday

4 thoughts on “More neons

  1. Thank you girls for the compliments:) I’m back from a nice afternoon on the beach. Tomorrow my yarns will be dry and ready for re-skeining so I hope I’ll have the time to finish them correctly, photograph them and write a little post to share with you all 🙂


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