More on the 2 in 1 sock knitting challenge

Hi there, I hope you all had a great weekend and that you did get some quality crafting time. I did not do much knitting actually but I did progress a little on my first REAL pair of socks using the 2 in 1 method. And so far so good, I’m almost done with the cuffs, here see:   The outer yarn which for me is Y1 is lighter than the inner yarn or Y2


I’m really enjoying this technique except having to move my yarn/threads all the time. I really have to come up with something to make that more fun or less time consuming. Maybe I just need to take Kate Atherley’s online course to get some first hand advice from the expert before I complain 🙂

So what about you, have you done any test socks yet?

I also did some dyeing as I thought maybe some of you would like to buy my “missy matchy” sock yarn to do your own knitting whether you use this technique or not. And also for the lucky winner to be able to choose from 2 colour ways. Ain’t I nice ? 🙂

So, I haven’t had the time to wind those up into yarn cakes yet but here are the pictures for you to get an idea of this colour way   As before this is my glitter yarn with silver stellina for added fun and glam’ look. So the 2 middle skeins are really 3 coloured – hm how to explain. Well you have one part that is hardly dyed/coloured at all, one part that is light/pastel and the last part which is actually dark/saturated. And then the 2 outer skeins have been dyed entirely although they do also have some variegation, but they do not have any undyed spaces and are more semi solid versus the 2 middle ones which are more like gradient/stripey.

So don’t forget you have until tomorrow evening to leave a comment on the “2 in 1 sock knitting…” post and be part of the draw and maybe win some hand dyed yarn by myself to knit your own pair of 2 in 1 socks – provided you accept to let us share your experience and write about it on your blog as well as let me link to your post from here. So do join in, don’t be shy 🙂

And on the topic of socks, just one progress photo before I leave you for today. As always I’m working on a number of projects at any given time and now I have 3 socks on my needles. You’ve seen the 2 in 1 socks and I forgot to take a picture of my “tv watching” socks but here are my “at work” socks (shhhh don’t tell but when I can, I do some knitting between phone calls). These are toe up socks with an afterthought heel knit with my own hand dyed yarn of course. No particular pattern, just my imagination really for socks knit with 2 contrast coloured


And if you too  want to do a pair of socks like these here, you can buy the yarn from my shop where I’ve set up sets just for 2 coloured socks, just click here

Thats all for today, thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to participate in the 2 in 1 sock knitting challenge if you have not already.

Until next time, take care and have a wonderful and creative week 🙂

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