More hand dyed yarns

As promised this week I’m back to show you some pictures of the yarns I dyed last weekend. This time, rather than just showing pictures of the finished skeins, I’ll show you the yarn at different stages of production.

So I did only sock weight yarn this time and played around with colour. I used different bases but mostly a mix of super wash merino and nylon. So here goes

First off, pictures of a rainbow coloured varigated yarn I did a while back actually but I just finished a swatch which may show the pattern better close up than the socks

hand dyed varigated yarn by Knitting in France   sock and yarn knitting in france IMG_2901

Then I did these also a while back – this is a blend of BFL and donegal nep yarn for a sturdy, rustic look (I feel). So the idea is to use the sets to knit 2 coloured socks such as the sample you see in the right side picture. The larger skein is for the most part of the sock and the smaller one is for knitting toes, heels and cuffs. I actually did 2 more sets of these in a different colour combination today and will show those to you later.

IMG_2882 My latest sock, hand dyed yarn by myself and my own pattern


And now for what I actually did last weekend

hand dyed yarn feb15 hand dyed yarn  Remember these?

Here you see the orangy yarn skeined up   IMG_2886  And a knitted swatch tequila sunshine swatch Isn’t it funny to see how the yarn “changes” or how our perception of the colour changes depending on how the yarn is presented. And then there is the blue yarn on the right side on the first picture where the yarn is drying.

hand dyed yarn IMG_2898 IMG_2899  Nice don’t you think?

Then I wanted to play with yarn using “splashes” of colour but leaving a lot of white

IMG_2856  Here you see where the colour has been applied

How do you prefer your skein? This picture shows the dyed skeins just after dyeing. Presenting them like this may help to get a picture of how the dyer applied the colourIMG_2855

Here the yarn has been re-skeined. Hand dyed sock yarn by Knitting in France I think both presentations are nice but wonder what you as a knitter, buyer prefer. Do share if you have any thoughts on the matter.   And here you see a knitted swatch of this yarn  IMG_2892


And same thing almost here, the difference with the pink yarn before is that this time there is more colour and less white    IMG_2857          Hand dyed sock weight yarn by Knitting in France      IMG_2895 Here you see the yarn both just dyed and then re-skeined and a small swatch

And to end, the last skein is my glimmer blend with 5% silver stellina (I love sparkles). This time I did immersion dyeing but rather than immerse the skein entirely I immersed it in 3 times creating a gradient effect from dark grey to super soft tint of grey.

IMG_2862 IMG_2861 hand dyed sparkle yarn by Knitting in France Sparkling grey by Knitting in France


That’s all for today folks. Next time I’m going to share with you a new technique for sock knitting I just tried out. Until then take care and don’t hesitate to share my blog and comment on the post if you have any thoughts you’d like to share 🙂

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