Stitch markers and item reviews

Hi there, last weekend the weather was very bad here in Normandy, no weather to do anything but stay inside and so I used the weekend to dye yarn and make stitch markers.

Today I’m going to show you some of these markers and share with you a review made by a fellow craft blogger regarding my hand made stitch markers and knitting needle holders.

So first some pictures:

cluster stitch marker by Knitting in France   I’me very into “clusters” these days and made a number of sets using just that technique and here you can see one of my “cluster” markers. Even though it has a lot of beads, it’s still very light weight and easy and enjoyable to use so I’m definitely going to be making more of these.

Lobster clasp murano glass stitch markers by Knitting in France Then I made some with murano glass beads, you know the multi coloured glass beads where no 2 are really identical? I made them up into sets of 6 and used lobster clasps so they can be used both for knitting and crochet.

lobster clasp bead stitch markers by Knitting in France   And then I made some more of those with some glass beetles

snag free stitch markers by Knitting in France  snag free stitch markers by Knitting in FRance Now these markers I love. These are snag free stitch markers. I actually make the split ring myself using aluminium craft wire and then close each individual ring with a jewelry glue and a glass bead. These are super cute and very useful. On the left you have a sort of “modern”/serious look I think with chocolate brown rings and muted beads and on the right you have the fun “tutti frutti” version with apple green rings and acid coloured beads. I’m selling these as sets of 15 markers as these are good for lace patterns for example or larger projects so you may want to have a large number of those in your bag of knitting tools 🙂

Here’s a link to the review my fellow blogger Béné did on her blog. She usually blogs in French but exceptionally for me she did this review/post in English so I could share it with my readers more easily. So thank you soo much to Béné for accepting this test project and for sharing your findings and pictures with me and my readers as well as your own:)

Here you can read her review:

What was interesting for me, besides actually getting a serious feedback from a knitter and crocheter about my hand made items, was to see how she uses them and to hear what she prefers as that will help me improve my designs and make better markers and maybe open up new ideas for me. For example, she said she especially liked the locking markers that are like earrings – I too like them but buyers seem to be shy to try them out so I even thought about just stop doing those but now, after the review, I think I might actually order some more and make up a new bunch of those. She says those are especially handy when crocheting amigurimi where the crochet is tight and the stitches small. Here is a picture of such a marker so you get the idea

IMG_2090 IMG_1529 These can be used both for knitting and for crochet and can hang on your needles or mark a stitch in your knitting/crochet.

Another fun idea she gave me, was that she uses a lobster clasp stitch markers to “save” the last stitch crocheted between sessions and I imagine this is especially wonderful when on the road or when leaving your work in your project bag and a single stitch could easily slip of the crochet hook and even unravel!

Crochet markers KiF

Another fun thing I discovered is that she actually uses my knitting needle holders to hold more than one pair of circulars! That is brilliant, so instead of putting one needle in each loop she puts 2-4 needles (1-2 circulars) into the same loop (you can adjust the size of the loop) and that is super useful when you work on many projects at a time such as I do and Béné obviously also 🙂

Holders KiF

So you can see that this test was really useful for me with regards to feedback and new ideas to develop and work with and hopefully it will also increase my reputation and credibility as a crafter that makes quality items for knitters and crocheters. If you like her review or if you think your crafter friends might enjoy it or find it useful please do share this blog post and her review 🙂

Next time I’ll tell you all about my weekend dyeing session. But until then, take care and have a wonderful and crafty week:)


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