Storage, space and craft supplies

Before diving into today’s subject – space and lack thereof- let me share with you my latest knits and hand dyed yarns soon to be online. You may have noticed that I’m in a serious sock knitting phase these days. This February I have actually completed 3 pairs of socks and will complete the 4th this afternoon (only one toe left). And as if that was not enough I’ve CO for the 5th pair!! You may be thinking that it REALLY is time to knit something else but I actually have an excuse for knitting pairs nr: 5,6 and 7! YES, that’s right 3 more pairs. How is that possible? Well I have to knit sample socks with my hand dyed yarns so you can see what they look like once knit up into socks. So here are some photos of my socks so far and my latest hand dyed yarns.

My completed pairs of socks knit this feb -   So here you see my completed pairs and the last one on the right, I’ve only got the toe left on the second sock 🙂   My latest sock, hand dyed yarn by myself and my own pattern And here is my 5th pair. This is yarn hand dyed by myself and the pattern is also made up by myself. This is a project I’m working on and the idea is to sell sock kits for 2 coloured socks including hand dyed yarn, pattern and possibly something like stitch markers or other fun things.

And for the dyeing, I did 2 sets of multicoloured yarns and each set has 3 skeins so one for me to test knit and 2 for your to buy:) They all have medium to long colour repeats so should be nice in socks or mittens for example. To do this I re-skein into very long skeins and the pictures show the yarn in that state. Once I’ve had the time to reskein into “regular” sized skeins I’ll put up the pictures but here goes:

my hand dyed yarn drying in front of the fire  Just dyed and drying in front of the fire with my favorite Main Coon doing some quality checks

 hand dyed yarn feb15  Here the yarn has dried some, you have 1 set of 3 skeins in reds/oranges/yellows and 1 set of 3 skeins in blues/turqoise

hand dyed yarn www.knittinginfrance.comhand dyed yarn  Here I have braided the set of 3 skeins just for easy manipulation before reskeining them

hand dyed yarn hand dyed yarn   I like how the hearts look

And now after having inspired you to knit some socks and tempted you to maybe buy some more colourful yarn, it’s time for the less amusing side of stash enhancement: space (or lack thereof) and organisation.

If you are reading my blog, chances are that you like hand made items, DIY crafts and especially all crafts related to fibre. That assumption leads me to another one: that you too have been confronted with THE SPACE ISSUE!

I suppose some of you are serious people, with responsible stash acquisition capabilities and that as such your SPACE PROBLEM is mild to moderate.
If that is your case, BRAVO, but would you mind sharing your tips with the rest of us?
I suppose, or should I say, hope, that there are others out there with the same degree of SPACE PROBLEM as I have. If not, I guess I really am crazy!
Let me explain: I love crafts! Those include beading, polymer clay crafting, felting, knitting, crocheting, spinning, carding, dyeing etc. Now as a true crafter I need a minimum of supplies for each of those crafts and the better I get at each or the more I’m intrigued, the more stuff I need. After all this you cannot expect me to learn and get better at what I do with out the best of everything and LOTS IF IT!
Supplies and tools take up space, lots of space. At the beginning I only had a yarn stash and a manageable one at that. But as time went on, the more I was caught up in the fibre arts and the more my stash grew and even diversified. When there was just yarn, I’d stash some in my room, then in other rooms, my living room, my cellar… You get the picture. When my husband began complaining about yarn all over the place, it was time to move into a bigger place. And that of course opened up new opportunities in stash enhancement. It also got me going in the tool enhancement. And when my personal supplies started to look seriously like the stock of a medium sized craft store something had to be done.
I launched my online business! Selling fibre related supplies online! A dream come too. No need to come up with excuses about having yarn or fibres EVERYWHERE! At the beginning I was super excited and wanted to stock just about everything and had I had the finances and the space to go with that, I would have. But my finances were limited and so was my space.
With time I have learned to control my stash/supplies enhancement urges but space is still an issue. I do have a place for the stock I sell in my shop but my personal stash of yarn, fibres, needles, crochets, spindles, spinning wheels, dye stuff, beads, jewellery making supplies etc are still to be found just about all over my house.
I have a dream and in it I have this real studio to work in, say 30m2 where I’d have lots of shelves for my extensive collection of craft books, some clever storage units to store them and at the same time show off my yarn and fibres. A comfortable chair and couch to sit in when knitting/crocheting. A work corner with a large table and lots of drawers and boxes for all my beads and supplies for making stitch markers. A table for my light box/photo studio. A corner for spinning with a comfortable chair, my wheels and spindles and some clever storage unit for my fibres. Another space for dyeing with lots of shelf space for stocking un dyed yarn and fibres, my dyes and all my accessories and tools for dyeing. A large table for working dying. A wall mounted warping board and room for my swifts, ball winders etc. and let’s not forget that I do run a business so there would also be an office space with all the necessary equipment. Wow! That’s a lot of things. Maybe 30m2 will not be enough, maybe I need 50m2. What do you think?
So if you have space and money to offer me the DREAM studio for my business to grow and blossom, I’m interested:)
Here are a few photos to show you the state of things and please note this is my personal stash and not the stock for the shop.
IMG_2834 IMG_2833 I have this clever mini space in my bedroom where I have put all my stitch marker supplies and tools as well as some yarns, knitting needles, patterns and what not. As you can see the drawer unit is stocked full to the brim with all sorts of indispensable things 🙂
IMG_2831 IMG_2830 And then there are the books. A lot are in boxes since my last move but as I continually buy more, my night stand and every available space in my room is also full of books on all sorts of fibre related topics.
Do you have pictures of you stash? Organised or not? Do you dare share them with us here ? As a therapeutic support for us that have this “stash overtaking our home” syndrome?
If you on the other hand have found THE solution to this “problem” please feel free to share with us as I’m sure I’m not the only one looking for an easy, clever and cute (if possible) solution to organising craft stashes of all kinds without giving others the impression that my life has been taken over by…crafts 🙂
Look forward to seeing your input and pictures (if you are willing to share). Until then, take care and have a wonderful and creative weekend

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