My crafty afternoon last week

Hi there, when I left you last time I told you I was about to go make some stitch markers as I had been to the beading shop and brought home a number of exciting items. So I thought I’d show you some of what I did. I still have not had the time to make up actual sets of markers and list for sale on Etsy but I will get there soon:)

So first my markers

IMG_2816 I have this small table, sort of like a “breakfast in bed” table where I often work as I watch something fun on the internet

IMG_2817     I decided on making some of these snag free stitch markers with glass beads. Those are super helpful when knitting lace and I also love them when knitting socks

IMG_2820     At this stage I have left my “cave” and gone to join the family in the living room. Here I had finished preparing the markers and have gone to the second stage where I glue the bead in place.

IMG_2826  And here you can see what I made that day. Lots of markers and you can see that I experimented with some “cluster” markers. I’m very “cluster” these days. I love making them and I think they look super cute. I’m only worried you may find them too long or be afraid of them being heavy. In fact they are super light weight so no worriers and I think they look to beautiful NOT to make some more! So I’m going to make some sets with one “super cluster” and the rest of the set will be small clusters. I hope you can see the photos well enough to understand what I mean by “cluster markers”.

I also did some plying this last week. I admit that I love spinning and for some reason plying is not quite as much fun so I often find myself with a large number of bobbins full of beautiful singles and then I just plunge in and do as much as I can before I go back to spinning. Here are some photos of 2 skeins I did using the Navajo ply method. The red/pinkish one is merino and this is spun superfine so even though the finished yarn is 3ply it is sock weight. Really beautiful even if I say so myself 🙂 So now I just have to wash and block the yarn, measure the yardage and I’ll be able to list it for sale.

The second skein is a little thicker though not worsted weight, I’d say heavy sock rather. And this is a fun skein with lots of colours and colour combinations. In fact this is spun out of a sampler fibre packet I bought from Sweet Georgia. These are 6 mini braids of hand dyed BFL fibre. I spun them all into a huge bobbin of singles and then Navajo plied it all. So I ended up with a 3 ply yarn with lots of colours and variations. I was thinking about maybe doing mini skeins in stead and breaking the yarn up as I came to a new braid/colour way but finally decided against it and I’m happy I did. This yarn will be gorgeous knit up into a shawl or scarf or maybe a set of accessories like hat, cowl and mitts. There is lots and lots of yardage here to work with. But I also have to wash, block and measure before setting it up as a listing in Etsy.

Now at last for the pictures of those skeins:

IMG_2821      IMG_2824      IMG_2827

Thats all for today. Next time I’m going to talk about a subject that I think all crafters are faced with at one moment or another (or all the time if you are like me): space and organisation 🙂


Until then, take care and have a wonderful and creative week

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