My sock kit idea

Hi there, yesterday I talked about making up some sock knitting kits. The idea is for 2 coloured socks and I will hand dyed my yarn in 2 contrasting colours. The main skein is for the leg and foot of the sock and the smaller one is for the heel and cuff. I’m also working on a super simple pattern that I could share with you and add as a little bonus with the yarn.

I’ve dyed 3 sets, 1 for me to test knit to be able to show you the results and then 2 sets for sale. The yarn I chose for this first dye lot is a sock weight yarn that is 85% super wash BFL and 15% donegal nep. This gives the yarn a sort of rustic look I think. Here’s a sneak peek

IMG_2812  test for 2 coloured socks hand dyed yarn knitting in france


This morning I went to this new beading and jewellery supply shop next to where I live and here is a glimps of what I bought

ready for stitch marker making knitting in france  So now I’m super excited and can’t wait to get started on some stitch marker making. I find looking at jewellery very inspiring for my stitch markers. I’d like them to be like small jewels, I’d like them to look precious for them to enhance your pleasure when knitting and crocheting. I’ll post some photos later next week and show you what I did. But now I can’t wait so off I am to some creative work. Have a great weekend you all 🙂

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