Pinterest and inspiration for all things crafty

Hi there, it’s been a tough week but I thought I’d write one last post to make for a good beginning for this weekend. Today I’d like to talk about Pinterest . Are you familiar with this social media platform? I’m told it is the fastest growing social media in the world these days and I’m honestly not surprised.

I will admit that when I first heard of and discovered Pinterest I was not especially interested in what it had to offer. I did not really see the point neither of publishing anything there nor spending time looking at pins from others. Boy, has my opinion changed since those early days!!! Yes it has 🙂

If you already have a Pinterest account and are active I’m sure you agree with me and if you do not yet have an account, be warned, Pinterest and pinning can be highly addictive and may increase your passion for fibre, crafts and stash enhancement:)

So why do I find it so great? Well because it is like a virtual library with billions of genious ideas for everyone and everything. You can virtually search for pins in every domain and that is so great. And just wandering through these pins I continually find myself jotting down new things to do, new techniques to try out, finding an idea for my business, my office, my dream work studio etc.

I created an account on Pinterest in the name of my business, Knitting in France, and I invite you to check out my profile and look at my pins and boards and why not, subscribe to some of them. I have also created a board that I call “Knitting in France hand mades” and I’d love for that to be a joint board for us where we could share pictures of my items/your purchases and most importantly what you do with them, your finished objects etc. Only for you to be able to add things to this board I have to invite you, so if you would like to participate, please contact me by leaving a message below or by sending me an email to:

I’ve created boards for different things I’m interested in and not all are for knitting or crochet (though most are). My most popular board is the one called Knitting Inspiration and at the moment that is where I share all things knitting related. Rather than making separate boards for patterns/tutos/techniques/socks/shawls etc I have chosen to include all my Knitting Inspirations in one board. And since I started this board my “to knit” list has grown exponentially. But I have also learned new things and discovered new patterns, new designers and fun ideas.

I also have a similar board for crochet which I just call Crochet which also includes patterns, tutos etc for regular crochet and tunisian crochet.

But I also have boards for beading and jewellery as I have fallen for those and now use techniques learned through Pinterest to improve and make new stitch markers. I also have some boards for fibre and spinning and hand dyed and hand spun yarns. There are so many ideas out there.

All in all I have 40 boards but when I look closely I’m probably only active on 10-15 of them so I may have to do some cleaning/reorganising there.

For me Pinterest is a place where we can share great ideas and show off our accomplishments as well as learn from others when we are not teaching our fellow pinners something we do well. And in my case I really think that I’m more inspired by Pinterest than Ravelry when it comes to my work with fibres – and we all know that Ravelry is huge so that says something for Pinterest.

So if you are looking for inspiration for your work or just enjoy looking at beautiful things, learning something new and sharing your finds with others then Pinterest is definitely a place for you. I invite you to subscribe to my boards for inspiration and also if you already are on Pinterest, share your username with us so we too can subscribe to your boards for even more fun and inspiration.

And talking about inspiration,  I just had one! I’m going to offer sock sets for knitting socks with 2 colours, 1 main colour and a second contrasting colour for cuff and toes. How does that sound to you? And since I’m constantly knitting with my test dyes to be able to show you the results and learn if I’m doing things right, I just might include a free pattern with those 🙂

More on that later, so until then have a great and creative weekend.

Take care



2 thoughts on “Pinterest and inspiration for all things crafty

  1. Oh welcome on Pinterest ! I also have one account, but I am far from active, and actually I tried not going there often… There are really beautiful things and inspirations, yes, but also you have to stop yourself watching as there is a lot – oh is that the time, already, I didn’t see the day passed… –
    But of course I will take time to share my purchases and what I did with these 🙂

    And what did you say “offer socks sets..” Don’t say that to a socks knitting addict :p of course I will be interested !

    By the way, I already use the markers you sent and they are really good and useful ! so thanks a lot 🙂


  2. Glad to hear you like my markers and even more so to hear you are willing to pin on my Knitting in France hand mades pin board. I’ll send you an invitation so you can do that. And for the sock kits, I’ve done some dyeing now I just need to test knit my pattern, then write it up etc so sooner rather than later this will be in the shop 🙂


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