Sock knitting can be truly addictive

Hi there, do yo knit socks? If yes, do you just knit for yourself or do you also knit for friends and family? And if you answered no, why not? Is it the thought of turning the heel that holds you back? Or the idea of wielding 5 dpns or 2 circulars or you just haven’t quite got the hang of magic loop knitting? Ok I agree that sock knitting is not for the novice knitter but you do not have to be an expert either. If you have done some knitting in the round then you are good to go. Just be aware that once you do try your hand at sock knitting you might just become addicted. Some knitters only knit socks or mostly only socks. I do enjoy knitting socks and wearing hand knit socks at home and lucky for me my oldest daughter loves wearing hand knit socks at home and so do some of my friends so I can carry on without worrying about not having anyone to wear my knits. When I began knitting socks I used 5 dpns because that is how I learned to knit in the round and I still use that method though probably mostly when knitting a rather complicated pattern and I’m not going to do 2 at a time or if I feel like using my Signature Needle Arts dpns otherwise I’ll use one long circular for the magic loop method. And when the pattern is very simple, I will do two at a time to be sure there will not be any Second Sock Syndrome. Here are some pictures of my latest pairs of socks photo 2 (11) IMG_2694   IMG_2035 These are knitwith my own hand dyed yarns IMG_2545 knitcircus socks 28jan These two are knit with yarn from the Knitcircus gradient yarn club photo (14) These are from the book Scandinavian Slippers and Socks which you can find on Amazon IMG_2732 These are my very first pair of socks knit using my own hand spun yarn and the pattern is called Hornets and is for sale on Ravelry Now if you are a beginner I would recommend diving in using a simple pattern such as The After Thought Heel Sock by Laura Linneman which you can find for free on Ravelry. I just recently discovered this pattern and subsequently this new heel technique which I find brilliant and so far I’m on my third pair using that technique. Basically you just knit a tube in the round for an x amount of inches, then decrease for the toe. Once your sock is “done” you pick up your heel stitches and knit those in sort of the same way as you did the toes and voilà! Here are some pictures I took when making one of these: IMG_2758 Here I’m at the point where I need to knit half the sock stitches onto a waste yarn and then put the stitches back on my needle to continue knitting as before IMG_2760 Here my sock is almost done and I have just picked up my heel stitches from the waste yarn knitcircus socks 28jan And here you can see the finished socks and notice the decrease is the same on toes and heels. So this is I think THE pattern for any hesitant new sock knitter, just fun enough to get you hooked and not too complicated. Now you’ll notice that I did these using the magic loop method which I love when knitting simple sock patterns and if you are thinking about learning the magic loop for sock knitting there is a book that is a MUST BUY for you and you can find on Amazon and it is called 2-at-a-time socks by Melissa Morgan Oaks. It has clear, photographed instructions for each step and I used those for a long time and still sometimes go to it as I’m sometimes confused when casting on for 2 at a time. So this is definitely a must read if you want to learn this fun technique for sock knitting. She also did a second book which is specifically for 2 at a time TOE UP socks and that book is equally important in your library as you definitely will want to know how to knit toe up as well as cuff down socks. This second book is called Toe-Up-2-at-a-Time Socks and can also be found on Amazon. Now if you are a more visual learner you can find a large number of video tutorials on Youtube that show this method and here is one tutorial that I find helpful and it is by Very Pink Knits I hope this little post will have inspired you to start knitting socks and if you already are then maybe it has inspired you to learn a new technique. I’d love to hear from you, are you a sock knitter? Do you have a favorite technique for the heel? Do you use 5 or 4 dpns or 2 circulars or 1 long circular for magic loop? Do you have a favorite book that teaches that particular technique, is there a Youtube channel you subscribe to that has great tutorials and you would like to share with us? Do you have pictures you’d like to show us?

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That’s all for today. Take care and I look forward to reading your comments, until then happy crafting 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sock knitting can be truly addictive

  1. Me too I like to knit socks. Most of the time I knit both in the same time, with one long circular needle for magic loop.
    I still don’t have THE book, only one with lovely patterns, and I like learning new technics every time I knit socks.


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