Sock Clubs – are you into them and why?

Hi there, so as you see from the topic, today I’m going to talk about Sock Clubs or Yarn clubs. These are mostly run by indie dyers and run for a period of months, often 3 months or maybe a year with a new shipment every 2 months for example. Some include “just” the yarn, others include yarn and patterns and possibly some other related goodies as well. As many indie dyers before me, I have been wondering about those and should I launch one of my own? Would that be a good way to promote my work and my yarn? How should I organise the club? What type of yarn would I use? How many participants/clients would I need for this to actually be financially worth the effort? Lots of questions and so far no definitive answer yet. So I thought maybe writing about these would help me reach a decision and most of all, maybe some of you would be willing to chime in and give me your side of the story.

So personally, I’m a member of the Knitcircus Matching Socks Gradient Yarn Club – the pay as you go version. I chose that version because that way I do not have to pay a years worth of hand dyed yarn and also because in the pay as you go, I have the possibility of not continuing if I so choose (I think). So before each shipment she sends me an invoice via Paypal which makes this easier financially speaking for me at least. Why did I choose Knitcircus? Well because I’m familiar with the work of Jalaa Spiro, both as a dyer and as a knitwear designer. Also she offered a “gradient” sock yarn club which I believe is quite special as gradient dyeing is way more work than self striping. So far I have received 2 shipments and have completed 1 pair and am currently working on the second paire. Here, take a look,

IMG_2545 My first pair

IMG_2759And this months yarn with its little list of pattern ideas and tape measure that were included as well. I’ll be showing you a photo of the second pair later, so far they are looking good. They are gradient of course but not so stripey as the first pair, this time I’d say there are blocks of colour and not stripes which is very nice too.

I enjoy the pleasure of knowing I’m going to be receiving a new yarn and that I have no idea what colours it will be and just that each time I’ll be able to make beautiful socks with my new yarn. So I’m planning on continuing this club for a little longer. It is difficult to resist the pleasure once you get used to the concept 🙂

So what about you? Are you part of a sock/yarn club and if so are you enjoying it? Would you be interested in joining (a new) one? What criteria make or brake a good sock/yarn club for you? I’d be really interested to hear from you on the matter.

That’s all for today. Take care and have a wonderful and crafty week 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sock Clubs – are you into them and why?

    • Thank you Lazybene, I’ve been thinking about doing one but there are a number of clubs out there and I’m not sure if there is space for a new one. I think it could work if I come up with a sort of new concept or a new way of doing this so I’m going to think more about this and of course any suggestions are welcome 🙂 I hope more readers will chime in and share their thoughts on the subject


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