The yarn for the 2 in 1 sock yarn giveaway

Hi there, I’m really happy to see that a number of you are interested in trying out this 2 in 1 sock knitting I talked about yesterday and I hope those of you who have not yet left a comment on yesterdays post, will do so before Tuesday 3rd of March evening and so be part of the draw on Wednesday to win some of my hand dyed yarn to knit your own pair of 2 in 1 socks.

There is a favour I ask in return for the yarn and that is that you share your 2 in 1 sock knitting experience both on your blog or social media and allow me to link back to that from here 🙂

I used the Two Socks in One pattern by Kate Atherley on Ravelry but if you have a different pattern you would like to try then that is fine as well. I’ve tried to search online for another pattern using this technique and so far have not found any. If you know of other sock patterns using this technique I’d love for you to shear them with us here in the comments section.

However, before knitting the 2 in 1 socks with my yarn I do recommend that you knit the training version first using a dk or worsted weight yarn in 2 different colours. That will help you understand the construction and the technique so more easily.

I have found another tutorial on this technique on Knitty, I haven’t had the time to read it through yet but I’m going to and maybe that could be helpful for you too. Click here for the link

And I also found an online video course with Kate Atherley where you can learn this sock knitting technique at your own pace with her – Click here for the video course

And just as an incentive, to encourage you to try out this fun technique and leave a comment on yesterdays post to enter into the giveaway draw and maybe win some of my yarn to knit your own pair of 2 in 1 socks, here are pictures of the yarn I dyed for myself to use for my first “real” pair and if you are lucky you will win the same yarn:) I used my glitter base that I love, it’s 75% superwash merino, 20% nylon and 5% silver stellina. I dyed the yarn in Emerald Green. One yarn cake is light emerald and the other is darker and has a varigated/gradient look to it. This way it is easy to tell which is Y1 and which is Y2 and yet your socks are not total opposites colorwise.

hand dyed by Knitting in France for 2 in 1 sock challenge   hand dyed glitter yarn for 2 in 1 sock challenge by knitting in france  Unfortunately the stellina thread does not show up well on the pictures but I assure you it really gives a beautiful sparkle that enhances the colour of the yarn.

So are you up for the 2 in 1 sock challenge with me? I sure hope you are! So share with your friends, enjoy trying this new technique out, leave a comment on yesterdays post here and maybe you will be receiving this yarn in the next few days:)

Until next time, take care and have a wonderful and creative weekend 🙂

Two in One socks – have you ever tried this?

If you are a sock knitter like I am then you probably have played around with different techniques such as top down, toe up, magic loop, 2 circulars etc and maybe you have also tried the 2 in 1. It’s been a while since I discovered this technique and found a pattern on Ravelry but I had yet to try it out myself. My problem is that I don’t like to do swatches, I just want to dive in and knit immediately and this seemed to be the sort of thing where a swatch or a test sock is IMPERATIF. And now that I have done the test myself I absolutely recommend that you first knit the training sock BEFORE actually knitting a real pair. The pattern I used was The War & Peace Socks: Two Socks in One by Kate Atherley and this pattern is available for free from Ravelry.

The instructions recommend using a rather thick yarn for this training version and to also use two different coloured yarns and that is a must I believe as you really have to remember which yarn is Y1 and which yarn is Y2.  The beginning can be a little tricky until you understand that basically you are knitting two socks, one inside the other and that the right sides of the socks are facing each other. This means that the “outer” sock is knit by purling and the “inner” sock by knitting. This is the basic idea to grasp for this to be successful. Another thing that is very important when using this technique is to ALWAYS MOVE YOUR YARN AFTER EACH STITCH. Now this is time consuming I think and may slow down the process a bit and you may even find this bothersome but it is an absolute must, otherwise you will end up with one double layered sock and not 2 separate socks! I did make 2 errors when knitting my training version and at 2 different spots I must have forgotten to move my yarn and when I finished my socks and separated them I discovered that they were actually “joined” in 2 places. Luckily for me, in both cases this had just happened with 1 single stitch. So what I did, maybe not very orthodox, I cut the yarn to be able to separate them and then just made a knot. As these are sample socks that’s ok but when knitting a “real” pair you definitely want to be concentrated so this does not happen to you.

If you have not tried this technique yet then I recommend you do as it is rather fun and Kate’s pattern which is more of a template really gives you a number of possible sizes so once you’ve completed your training socks you can go ahead and make some for yourself. Here are some pictures I took of my training socks in progress to share with you and better explain the process.

2 in 1 sock  Here you can see my 2 colours of yarn. For me Y1 was the brown/blue yarn and Y2 was the pink/brown yarn. This is why the outside is all purls     IMG_2852  Here you see how the 2 socks are actually separated on your knitting needle  separation of the 2 in 1 socks by Knitting in FRance

IMG_2856 IMG_2857 This is the heel flap

IMG_2858 turning the heels on my 2 in 1 socks - Knitting in france The turning of the heel

IMG_2859  Here you clearly see the 2 separate socks and their gussets IMG_2860 The gusset


IMG_2861 2 in 1 socks in progress Here I’m working on the foot

IMG_2863 The toe is almost done

two in one sock Here my toe is done and I have taken a darning needle to go into the remaining stitches of each sock – this is done individually for each sock of course

2 in 1   Here I’m about to separate them. My first mistake was in the ribbing and I don’t know if you can see it here but I had to cut the stitch and knot to separate them at the top and now I have to do the same thing at the toe

IMG_2866  In both cases I cut the pink yarn and made knots as you can see

And here are my finished socks. Aren’t they cute (despite my 2 knots?) 2 in 1 socks by


My conclusion is that this is a technique I’d like to master and last night I immediately went to dye some yarn for my first real socks knit this way. I really think it is SUPER important to have 2 different coloured yarns to begin with (at least) but I’m not a fan of wearing one blue and one red sock either so what I did was I dyed 2 skeins using the same colour only one was dyed darker and one lighter. This way the socks are not too far appart colour wise but the colour is still distinct enough for me to be able to knit my first real pair without tears (I hope).

As I don’t need 2 skeins for 1 pair I’m going to break them up into halves so there will be enough for 2 pairs like this. Would you like to try this technique using my yarn? Leave me a comment below and I will do a random draw and the lucky winner will receive 2 yarn cakes of my glimmer yarn (75% superwash merino, 20% nylon, 5% silver stellina) in Emerald green. There is a catch however:) I would ask the winner to accept to share her/his experience and photos of the finished socks on her/his blog or social media and allowing me to link to it here on the blog. So if you are willing to do that and up for a challenge then now’s the time to leave me your comment. You have until Tuesday March 3rd to leave me a comment and come Wednesday March 4th I will draw out a random winner from the comments and announce the lucky knitter here on the blog.

So I hope you are all up for the challenge, why not share with your other knitting friends after all, the more the merrier and sharing when trying a new technique is always helpful.

Good luck to all and have a wonderful and creative weekend 🙂

More hand dyed yarns

As promised this week I’m back to show you some pictures of the yarns I dyed last weekend. This time, rather than just showing pictures of the finished skeins, I’ll show you the yarn at different stages of production.

So I did only sock weight yarn this time and played around with colour. I used different bases but mostly a mix of super wash merino and nylon. So here goes

First off, pictures of a rainbow coloured varigated yarn I did a while back actually but I just finished a swatch which may show the pattern better close up than the socks

hand dyed varigated yarn by Knitting in France   sock and yarn knitting in france IMG_2901

Then I did these also a while back – this is a blend of BFL and donegal nep yarn for a sturdy, rustic look (I feel). So the idea is to use the sets to knit 2 coloured socks such as the sample you see in the right side picture. The larger skein is for the most part of the sock and the smaller one is for knitting toes, heels and cuffs. I actually did 2 more sets of these in a different colour combination today and will show those to you later.

IMG_2882 My latest sock, hand dyed yarn by myself and my own pattern


And now for what I actually did last weekend

hand dyed yarn feb15 hand dyed yarn  Remember these?

Here you see the orangy yarn skeined up   IMG_2886  And a knitted swatch tequila sunshine swatch Isn’t it funny to see how the yarn “changes” or how our perception of the colour changes depending on how the yarn is presented. And then there is the blue yarn on the right side on the first picture where the yarn is drying.

hand dyed yarn IMG_2898 IMG_2899  Nice don’t you think?

Then I wanted to play with yarn using “splashes” of colour but leaving a lot of white

IMG_2856  Here you see where the colour has been applied

How do you prefer your skein? This picture shows the dyed skeins just after dyeing. Presenting them like this may help to get a picture of how the dyer applied the colourIMG_2855

Here the yarn has been re-skeined. Hand dyed sock yarn by Knitting in France I think both presentations are nice but wonder what you as a knitter, buyer prefer. Do share if you have any thoughts on the matter.   And here you see a knitted swatch of this yarn  IMG_2892


And same thing almost here, the difference with the pink yarn before is that this time there is more colour and less white    IMG_2857          Hand dyed sock weight yarn by Knitting in France      IMG_2895 Here you see the yarn both just dyed and then re-skeined and a small swatch

And to end, the last skein is my glimmer blend with 5% silver stellina (I love sparkles). This time I did immersion dyeing but rather than immerse the skein entirely I immersed it in 3 times creating a gradient effect from dark grey to super soft tint of grey.

IMG_2862 IMG_2861 hand dyed sparkle yarn by Knitting in France Sparkling grey by Knitting in France


That’s all for today folks. Next time I’m going to share with you a new technique for sock knitting I just tried out. Until then take care and don’t hesitate to share my blog and comment on the post if you have any thoughts you’d like to share 🙂

Stitch markers and item reviews

Hi there, last weekend the weather was very bad here in Normandy, no weather to do anything but stay inside and so I used the weekend to dye yarn and make stitch markers.

Today I’m going to show you some of these markers and share with you a review made by a fellow craft blogger regarding my hand made stitch markers and knitting needle holders.

So first some pictures:

cluster stitch marker by Knitting in France   I’me very into “clusters” these days and made a number of sets using just that technique and here you can see one of my “cluster” markers. Even though it has a lot of beads, it’s still very light weight and easy and enjoyable to use so I’m definitely going to be making more of these.

Lobster clasp murano glass stitch markers by Knitting in France Then I made some with murano glass beads, you know the multi coloured glass beads where no 2 are really identical? I made them up into sets of 6 and used lobster clasps so they can be used both for knitting and crochet.

lobster clasp bead stitch markers by Knitting in France   And then I made some more of those with some glass beetles

snag free stitch markers by Knitting in France  snag free stitch markers by Knitting in FRance Now these markers I love. These are snag free stitch markers. I actually make the split ring myself using aluminium craft wire and then close each individual ring with a jewelry glue and a glass bead. These are super cute and very useful. On the left you have a sort of “modern”/serious look I think with chocolate brown rings and muted beads and on the right you have the fun “tutti frutti” version with apple green rings and acid coloured beads. I’m selling these as sets of 15 markers as these are good for lace patterns for example or larger projects so you may want to have a large number of those in your bag of knitting tools 🙂

Here’s a link to the review my fellow blogger Béné did on her blog. She usually blogs in French but exceptionally for me she did this review/post in English so I could share it with my readers more easily. So thank you soo much to Béné for accepting this test project and for sharing your findings and pictures with me and my readers as well as your own:)

Here you can read her review:

What was interesting for me, besides actually getting a serious feedback from a knitter and crocheter about my hand made items, was to see how she uses them and to hear what she prefers as that will help me improve my designs and make better markers and maybe open up new ideas for me. For example, she said she especially liked the locking markers that are like earrings – I too like them but buyers seem to be shy to try them out so I even thought about just stop doing those but now, after the review, I think I might actually order some more and make up a new bunch of those. She says those are especially handy when crocheting amigurimi where the crochet is tight and the stitches small. Here is a picture of such a marker so you get the idea

IMG_2090 IMG_1529 These can be used both for knitting and for crochet and can hang on your needles or mark a stitch in your knitting/crochet.

Another fun idea she gave me, was that she uses a lobster clasp stitch markers to “save” the last stitch crocheted between sessions and I imagine this is especially wonderful when on the road or when leaving your work in your project bag and a single stitch could easily slip of the crochet hook and even unravel!

Crochet markers KiF

Another fun thing I discovered is that she actually uses my knitting needle holders to hold more than one pair of circulars! That is brilliant, so instead of putting one needle in each loop she puts 2-4 needles (1-2 circulars) into the same loop (you can adjust the size of the loop) and that is super useful when you work on many projects at a time such as I do and Béné obviously also 🙂

Holders KiF

So you can see that this test was really useful for me with regards to feedback and new ideas to develop and work with and hopefully it will also increase my reputation and credibility as a crafter that makes quality items for knitters and crocheters. If you like her review or if you think your crafter friends might enjoy it or find it useful please do share this blog post and her review 🙂

Next time I’ll tell you all about my weekend dyeing session. But until then, take care and have a wonderful and crafty week:)


I’m in heaven, I’m in Fibre Heaven

Hi there, I just had to share my joy with you all today! I just received my order from Woolgatherings after waiting for it for almost a month (yes the package was stuck in customs for almost 3 weeks). But now it is here and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my fibre and can’t wait to start spinning them.

Some day soon, these beauties will be hand spun yarn treasures that will embellish my personal yarn stash – or yours if you want me to spin some up for you or if you are a spinner like myself and take a look at her shop I know you will be tempted to do as I did. BUY!

Woolgatherings is a family run business and Kate, the dyer, does a wonderful job. I’ve ordered from them before and just loved my yarn so that is why I placed this new order. This time I went for mostly BFL + Tussah silk and Organic Polwarth + silk blends. The silk will add strength and sheen to my finished yarns. I chose bright colours, which I love and are a staple of Kate. All the rovings are super soft and the colours are gorgeous. You will soon be seing these spun into yarn here.

If you decide to take a look at the Woolgatherings shop, and I certainly encourage you to do so, be aware that you will be mesmerized and may not be able to leave the shop with an empty cart:)

So here are my beauties:   Hand dyed roving from Woolgatherings on Etsy     Hand dyed roving from Woolgatherings on EtsyDo you get why I’m so happy???

I have another favorite dyer on Etsy and I also purchased some of her work last week and will be sure to share her work with you as soon as I receive my order.


Until then, I’m off to my spinning wheel for an afternoon of happy spinning. Have a great  and creative day yourself 🙂

My crafty afternoon last week

Hi there, when I left you last time I told you I was about to go make some stitch markers as I had been to the beading shop and brought home a number of exciting items. So I thought I’d show you some of what I did. I still have not had the time to make up actual sets of markers and list for sale on Etsy but I will get there soon:)

So first my markers

IMG_2816 I have this small table, sort of like a “breakfast in bed” table where I often work as I watch something fun on the internet

IMG_2817     I decided on making some of these snag free stitch markers with glass beads. Those are super helpful when knitting lace and I also love them when knitting socks

IMG_2820     At this stage I have left my “cave” and gone to join the family in the living room. Here I had finished preparing the markers and have gone to the second stage where I glue the bead in place.

IMG_2826  And here you can see what I made that day. Lots of markers and you can see that I experimented with some “cluster” markers. I’m very “cluster” these days. I love making them and I think they look super cute. I’m only worried you may find them too long or be afraid of them being heavy. In fact they are super light weight so no worriers and I think they look to beautiful NOT to make some more! So I’m going to make some sets with one “super cluster” and the rest of the set will be small clusters. I hope you can see the photos well enough to understand what I mean by “cluster markers”.

I also did some plying this last week. I admit that I love spinning and for some reason plying is not quite as much fun so I often find myself with a large number of bobbins full of beautiful singles and then I just plunge in and do as much as I can before I go back to spinning. Here are some photos of 2 skeins I did using the Navajo ply method. The red/pinkish one is merino and this is spun superfine so even though the finished yarn is 3ply it is sock weight. Really beautiful even if I say so myself 🙂 So now I just have to wash and block the yarn, measure the yardage and I’ll be able to list it for sale.

The second skein is a little thicker though not worsted weight, I’d say heavy sock rather. And this is a fun skein with lots of colours and colour combinations. In fact this is spun out of a sampler fibre packet I bought from Sweet Georgia. These are 6 mini braids of hand dyed BFL fibre. I spun them all into a huge bobbin of singles and then Navajo plied it all. So I ended up with a 3 ply yarn with lots of colours and variations. I was thinking about maybe doing mini skeins in stead and breaking the yarn up as I came to a new braid/colour way but finally decided against it and I’m happy I did. This yarn will be gorgeous knit up into a shawl or scarf or maybe a set of accessories like hat, cowl and mitts. There is lots and lots of yardage here to work with. But I also have to wash, block and measure before setting it up as a listing in Etsy.

Now at last for the pictures of those skeins:

IMG_2821      IMG_2824      IMG_2827

Thats all for today. Next time I’m going to talk about a subject that I think all crafters are faced with at one moment or another (or all the time if you are like me): space and organisation 🙂


Until then, take care and have a wonderful and creative week

Storage, space and craft supplies

Before diving into today’s subject – space and lack thereof- let me share with you my latest knits and hand dyed yarns soon to be online. You may have noticed that I’m in a serious sock knitting phase these days. This February I have actually completed 3 pairs of socks and will complete the 4th this afternoon (only one toe left). And as if that was not enough I’ve CO for the 5th pair!! You may be thinking that it REALLY is time to knit something else but I actually have an excuse for knitting pairs nr: 5,6 and 7! YES, that’s right 3 more pairs. How is that possible? Well I have to knit sample socks with my hand dyed yarns so you can see what they look like once knit up into socks. So here are some photos of my socks so far and my latest hand dyed yarns.

My completed pairs of socks knit this feb -   So here you see my completed pairs and the last one on the right, I’ve only got the toe left on the second sock 🙂   My latest sock, hand dyed yarn by myself and my own pattern And here is my 5th pair. This is yarn hand dyed by myself and the pattern is also made up by myself. This is a project I’m working on and the idea is to sell sock kits for 2 coloured socks including hand dyed yarn, pattern and possibly something like stitch markers or other fun things.

And for the dyeing, I did 2 sets of multicoloured yarns and each set has 3 skeins so one for me to test knit and 2 for your to buy:) They all have medium to long colour repeats so should be nice in socks or mittens for example. To do this I re-skein into very long skeins and the pictures show the yarn in that state. Once I’ve had the time to reskein into “regular” sized skeins I’ll put up the pictures but here goes:

my hand dyed yarn drying in front of the fire  Just dyed and drying in front of the fire with my favorite Main Coon doing some quality checks

 hand dyed yarn feb15  Here the yarn has dried some, you have 1 set of 3 skeins in reds/oranges/yellows and 1 set of 3 skeins in blues/turqoise

hand dyed yarn www.knittinginfrance.comhand dyed yarn  Here I have braided the set of 3 skeins just for easy manipulation before reskeining them

hand dyed yarn hand dyed yarn   I like how the hearts look

And now after having inspired you to knit some socks and tempted you to maybe buy some more colourful yarn, it’s time for the less amusing side of stash enhancement: space (or lack thereof) and organisation.

If you are reading my blog, chances are that you like hand made items, DIY crafts and especially all crafts related to fibre. That assumption leads me to another one: that you too have been confronted with THE SPACE ISSUE!

I suppose some of you are serious people, with responsible stash acquisition capabilities and that as such your SPACE PROBLEM is mild to moderate.
If that is your case, BRAVO, but would you mind sharing your tips with the rest of us?
I suppose, or should I say, hope, that there are others out there with the same degree of SPACE PROBLEM as I have. If not, I guess I really am crazy!
Let me explain: I love crafts! Those include beading, polymer clay crafting, felting, knitting, crocheting, spinning, carding, dyeing etc. Now as a true crafter I need a minimum of supplies for each of those crafts and the better I get at each or the more I’m intrigued, the more stuff I need. After all this you cannot expect me to learn and get better at what I do with out the best of everything and LOTS IF IT!
Supplies and tools take up space, lots of space. At the beginning I only had a yarn stash and a manageable one at that. But as time went on, the more I was caught up in the fibre arts and the more my stash grew and even diversified. When there was just yarn, I’d stash some in my room, then in other rooms, my living room, my cellar… You get the picture. When my husband began complaining about yarn all over the place, it was time to move into a bigger place. And that of course opened up new opportunities in stash enhancement. It also got me going in the tool enhancement. And when my personal supplies started to look seriously like the stock of a medium sized craft store something had to be done.
I launched my online business! Selling fibre related supplies online! A dream come too. No need to come up with excuses about having yarn or fibres EVERYWHERE! At the beginning I was super excited and wanted to stock just about everything and had I had the finances and the space to go with that, I would have. But my finances were limited and so was my space.
With time I have learned to control my stash/supplies enhancement urges but space is still an issue. I do have a place for the stock I sell in my shop but my personal stash of yarn, fibres, needles, crochets, spindles, spinning wheels, dye stuff, beads, jewellery making supplies etc are still to be found just about all over my house.
I have a dream and in it I have this real studio to work in, say 30m2 where I’d have lots of shelves for my extensive collection of craft books, some clever storage units to store them and at the same time show off my yarn and fibres. A comfortable chair and couch to sit in when knitting/crocheting. A work corner with a large table and lots of drawers and boxes for all my beads and supplies for making stitch markers. A table for my light box/photo studio. A corner for spinning with a comfortable chair, my wheels and spindles and some clever storage unit for my fibres. Another space for dyeing with lots of shelf space for stocking un dyed yarn and fibres, my dyes and all my accessories and tools for dyeing. A large table for working dying. A wall mounted warping board and room for my swifts, ball winders etc. and let’s not forget that I do run a business so there would also be an office space with all the necessary equipment. Wow! That’s a lot of things. Maybe 30m2 will not be enough, maybe I need 50m2. What do you think?
So if you have space and money to offer me the DREAM studio for my business to grow and blossom, I’m interested:)
Here are a few photos to show you the state of things and please note this is my personal stash and not the stock for the shop.
IMG_2834 IMG_2833 I have this clever mini space in my bedroom where I have put all my stitch marker supplies and tools as well as some yarns, knitting needles, patterns and what not. As you can see the drawer unit is stocked full to the brim with all sorts of indispensable things 🙂
IMG_2831 IMG_2830 And then there are the books. A lot are in boxes since my last move but as I continually buy more, my night stand and every available space in my room is also full of books on all sorts of fibre related topics.
Do you have pictures of you stash? Organised or not? Do you dare share them with us here ? As a therapeutic support for us that have this “stash overtaking our home” syndrome?
If you on the other hand have found THE solution to this “problem” please feel free to share with us as I’m sure I’m not the only one looking for an easy, clever and cute (if possible) solution to organising craft stashes of all kinds without giving others the impression that my life has been taken over by…crafts 🙂
Look forward to seeing your input and pictures (if you are willing to share). Until then, take care and have a wonderful and creative weekend

My sock kit idea

Hi there, yesterday I talked about making up some sock knitting kits. The idea is for 2 coloured socks and I will hand dyed my yarn in 2 contrasting colours. The main skein is for the leg and foot of the sock and the smaller one is for the heel and cuff. I’m also working on a super simple pattern that I could share with you and add as a little bonus with the yarn.

I’ve dyed 3 sets, 1 for me to test knit to be able to show you the results and then 2 sets for sale. The yarn I chose for this first dye lot is a sock weight yarn that is 85% super wash BFL and 15% donegal nep. This gives the yarn a sort of rustic look I think. Here’s a sneak peek

IMG_2812  test for 2 coloured socks hand dyed yarn knitting in france


This morning I went to this new beading and jewellery supply shop next to where I live and here is a glimps of what I bought

ready for stitch marker making knitting in france  So now I’m super excited and can’t wait to get started on some stitch marker making. I find looking at jewellery very inspiring for my stitch markers. I’d like them to be like small jewels, I’d like them to look precious for them to enhance your pleasure when knitting and crocheting. I’ll post some photos later next week and show you what I did. But now I can’t wait so off I am to some creative work. Have a great weekend you all 🙂

Pinterest and inspiration for all things crafty

Hi there, it’s been a tough week but I thought I’d write one last post to make for a good beginning for this weekend. Today I’d like to talk about Pinterest . Are you familiar with this social media platform? I’m told it is the fastest growing social media in the world these days and I’m honestly not surprised.

I will admit that when I first heard of and discovered Pinterest I was not especially interested in what it had to offer. I did not really see the point neither of publishing anything there nor spending time looking at pins from others. Boy, has my opinion changed since those early days!!! Yes it has 🙂

If you already have a Pinterest account and are active I’m sure you agree with me and if you do not yet have an account, be warned, Pinterest and pinning can be highly addictive and may increase your passion for fibre, crafts and stash enhancement:)

So why do I find it so great? Well because it is like a virtual library with billions of genious ideas for everyone and everything. You can virtually search for pins in every domain and that is so great. And just wandering through these pins I continually find myself jotting down new things to do, new techniques to try out, finding an idea for my business, my office, my dream work studio etc.

I created an account on Pinterest in the name of my business, Knitting in France, and I invite you to check out my profile and look at my pins and boards and why not, subscribe to some of them. I have also created a board that I call “Knitting in France hand mades” and I’d love for that to be a joint board for us where we could share pictures of my items/your purchases and most importantly what you do with them, your finished objects etc. Only for you to be able to add things to this board I have to invite you, so if you would like to participate, please contact me by leaving a message below or by sending me an email to:

I’ve created boards for different things I’m interested in and not all are for knitting or crochet (though most are). My most popular board is the one called Knitting Inspiration and at the moment that is where I share all things knitting related. Rather than making separate boards for patterns/tutos/techniques/socks/shawls etc I have chosen to include all my Knitting Inspirations in one board. And since I started this board my “to knit” list has grown exponentially. But I have also learned new things and discovered new patterns, new designers and fun ideas.

I also have a similar board for crochet which I just call Crochet which also includes patterns, tutos etc for regular crochet and tunisian crochet.

But I also have boards for beading and jewellery as I have fallen for those and now use techniques learned through Pinterest to improve and make new stitch markers. I also have some boards for fibre and spinning and hand dyed and hand spun yarns. There are so many ideas out there.

All in all I have 40 boards but when I look closely I’m probably only active on 10-15 of them so I may have to do some cleaning/reorganising there.

For me Pinterest is a place where we can share great ideas and show off our accomplishments as well as learn from others when we are not teaching our fellow pinners something we do well. And in my case I really think that I’m more inspired by Pinterest than Ravelry when it comes to my work with fibres – and we all know that Ravelry is huge so that says something for Pinterest.

So if you are looking for inspiration for your work or just enjoy looking at beautiful things, learning something new and sharing your finds with others then Pinterest is definitely a place for you. I invite you to subscribe to my boards for inspiration and also if you already are on Pinterest, share your username with us so we too can subscribe to your boards for even more fun and inspiration.

And talking about inspiration,  I just had one! I’m going to offer sock sets for knitting socks with 2 colours, 1 main colour and a second contrasting colour for cuff and toes. How does that sound to you? And since I’m constantly knitting with my test dyes to be able to show you the results and learn if I’m doing things right, I just might include a free pattern with those 🙂

More on that later, so until then have a great and creative weekend.

Take care



News on the 1,000 sale and more

Hi there, a while back I told you about my celebrating my 1,000th sale on Etsy and that there would be 2 lucky customers. N°1 the client that actually purchased the 1,000 item and another one drawn out at random. So I have passed the 1,000 sales limit and informed my lucky customers and shipped their winnings so now I’m going to share those with you.

The client that actually purchased the 1,000th item lives in the USA and she won a skein of yarn and had a choice of either hand spun or hand dyed yarn as well as a choice of colours. She chose hand dyed yarn in purples so off I went and thought about what to do. I chose a fingering weight yarn and then I thought about how to dye the yarn. She said she liked solids, semi-solids and varigated yarn and so I went with varigated. I rewound my skein into a large one approx. 10 m/9 yards and dyed it with 6 different colours in the purple range. She still has not received her yarn but I really look forward to hearing from her and I certainly hope she loves what I did. I’ll keep you informed when I hear from her 🙂

So here for some pictures:

IMG_2798 Here you can see the skein after dyeing/washing/drying. I loosely put it on the warp board before cutting off the ties and rewinding into a skein. You can see the different colours well here.

IMG_2799 IMG_2801 Here you have the skein all wound up. The colour difference has to do with lighting I think – incredible how that can change our perception of colour! The second photo is actually closer to the actual colour of the yarn and I’m rather happy with the outcome.

I only did 1 skein so this is a truly unique skein, no one will have the same so I hope she will make something unique for herself and enjoy the privilege of knitting with a one of a kind yarn hand dyed just for herself 🙂

If you would like to purchase a skein hand dyed just for you, that is always possible. You would just have to contact me and give me your type of yarn, weight, colours and variety (solid, semi-solid, varigated or striping) and I’ll get back to you with a price. Once the dyeing is done, I send a picture for approval before issuing the invoice. So why not? Could also be a great gift for a knitter friend or a special occasion don’t you think ?

Now the second lucky client that was this time drawn out at random won a set of stitch markers and a knitting needle holder. This lucky client lives in the UK and she had a choice for the type of markers – knitting only or locking ones that can be used for knitting and crochet. She chose knitting only and requested ring markers with a glass bead for décoration. I put the markers and knitting needle holder in a cute metal box for easy transport in her knitting bag. And just in case you do not know what a knitting needle holder is: it is a gadget you put on the ends of your needles (spns or circulars) to prevent your stitches from falling off when not working. Here is an example:

A lampwork needle stopper

A lampwork needle stopper

Now as for her actually winning here it is: IMG_2796 Nice don’t you think ?

If you too are interested in stitch markers, knitting needle holders, yarns or other supplies for your knitting and crochet or spinning you can check out my 2 shops here:

Etsy and my own e-commerce shop

Now for some more exciting news from the shop front. I was just contacted by the editor of Knitsy – a digital interactif knitting magazine- and they want to feature some of my hand spun yarns! Yey! I’m super happy my yarns caught their eyes and hopefully this little feature in their future issue will bring some attention to my work and my shop. They specifically asked for pictures of my multi coloured hand spun yarns so I’m thinking pictures such as these:

photo 1 (70)

Hand spun

Hand spun

photo 2 (23)

And to finish for today, I’d like to remind you that I will be participating in the I Knit Fandango show in London this May 15th – 16th. This will be a beautiful show with small but recognised yarn companies, mostly hand dyed yarns and the closer we get to the event the more companies are confirming their presence and I feel I will have to save up some serious money to make my own stash enhancement during the show 🙂 If you are in London during these 2 days I hope you will have the chance to come and see us. You can find information about the show and buy tickets in advance on the I Knit website here

And just before I go, I almost forgot to show you my latest knitting! Shame on me 🙂

So here goes, I have 2 1/2 pairs done IMG_2794 The red/brown ones are Jitterbug yarn from Colinette and the multicoloured ones are hand dyed by myself and I will be writing a post about the process here shortly.

sock gris 2 sock gris I have finished 1 sock and started the second one in this pair. This is part of a Knit From Your Stash KAL I participate in on FB. The yarn is hand dyed by myself.

And then there is one paire I’m doing for my youngest daughter and she asked for a mix of multicoloured and a solid grey. The grey is from a Cascade heritage yarn and the multi coloured is the same as in the socks above. I’m doing a broken seed stitch on the front of the leg and regular jersey/knit stitch on the back/sole. Look at the pictures to see how the stitch pattern changes the perception/look of the socks. On the front the colours are muted by the broken seed stitch where as on the sole the multi coloured yarn really pops. Which look do you prefer?

Thats all for now folks. Thank you for stopping by and sharing my thoughts for a few moments. I wish you all a wonderful and creative week. Until next time,

Take care 🙂