#TestMyYarn and some self striping adventures

Hi there, now what does the title refer to here? Two things: 1) I’d like to draw attention to my lines of hand dyed and hand spun yarns by promoting them here on the blog as well as on social media etc. I will have an ad in an ezine to be published in feb or march and along with that mini skeins of hand dyed yarns from my lines will be included with knitting kits being sold at Addicted to Sock Knitting. I will also be donating a skein of yarn for a blog contest launching in February on the Tata tricot blog 2) But I’m also going to be talking about my yarns and my process be it for dyeing or spinning and will share that with you. I just received today my new warping frame which will make dyeing self striping yarns so much easier. I have not had the time to open the box yet so no photo but here is a link you can click on to see a photo of what it looks like: my new warping frame So I will try to do a post about the “behind the scenes” of self striping yarn dyeing for you to enjoy and I’m thinking I’ll also launch a little game here and ask for your help to promote my blog and my yarns and then draw out a few random winners that would in stead receive a selection of mini skeins. How does that sound. In my last post I talked about stitch markers and asked if any of you would be interested in testing my markers and in return share your feedback on your own blog as well as here and I have accepted the one offer I got so thank you Lazy Bene for that. I will be sending her a lot of markers of different types for her to try out, both for knitting and crochet and I really look forward to hearing what she will have to say about them. Also I managed to finish my socks using the gradient yarn from Knitcircus so here’s a picture of them at various stages IMG_2759   This is the yarn as I got it, would into 2 yarn cakes and you can see how the colours transition IMG_2758 Here I’m up to the heel placement. I decided on doing an after thought heel – I did worry about breaking up the gradient pattern of the yarn by not knitting the heels in a tradition way but hey, I just learned the after thought heel and when doing 2 at a time socks I find that just brilliant so on I went. IMG_2760 So here is an almost finished sock and you can see that I have picked up the stitches for the heel knitcircus socks 28jan And here are the finished socks. I love how regular the yarn is and the fact that the colours are really identical on both socks. Breaking up the yarn by doing an after thought heel finally did not do any harm as the heels are almost the same colour as the toes so I think it worked out just fine. Thats all for now so until next time I wish you a great day and lots of crafting time 🙂

3 thoughts on “#TestMyYarn and some self striping adventures

  1. Nice socks ! I am curious about how you did the heel…
    Thank you for your comment about the markers and of course I will promote your blog and shop (even if my own blog is not very well known…) on social media and Ravelry also.


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