Monday and a new week begins

Hello there, happy new week to you all. I do hope it will be a good one with lots of fun and creative moments.

Personally I began this week working on stitch markers. I fell into jewellery and stitch marker making about a year ago and I really love playing with different pearls, charms and wire. I’m not good enough to actually go on to work with silver and gold and semi precious stones as I still make mistakes and sometimes need to make a do a take two to get the correct results but I’ve subscribed to an online course in jewellery making on Craftsy where I hope to progress. If you are not familiar with Craftsy I highly recommend you go check out their website here: They have a library of both free and paying patterns as well as a shop for supplies involved in the projects you can make in their courses. The courses offered are very varied and can be from wood working to cake decorating to knitting to photography etc. If you are crafty and want to  either expand your skill set or learn new skills, then this is definitely a website you are going to get hooked on. I know I am and I’ve enrolled in a large number of different classes, some I do immediately and others I’ve enrolled in months ago and still have not gotten around to actually take. But then that is the beauty of Craftsy, you have lifetime access so if you enroll today and start your first class in a year, that’s just fine! So I definitely recommend you check them out 🙂

As for todays stitch markers, I made them using a 20 gauge artistic wire. I made split rings and then added glass beads to close them and give them a nicer look. I really love these small markers especially when knitting socks and shawls/lace patterns. When I do lace patterns for example, I put a marker after each repeat of the lace pattern. It helps me stay on top of the pattern and makes catching mistakes so much easier. So here’s a picture of my markers:


So i’m wondering, do you as a knitter/crocheter use stitch markers on a regular basis? Which type do you like best?  Would you be interested in trying some of mine and in return write a review about your experience on your blog – a post that I could also share here on my blog? If that is something you are interested  in then please leave me a comment below and I will be in touch.

Take care and enjoy your week ahead

2 thoughts on “Monday and a new week begins

  1. Nice markers !
    I also use a lot, like you, while knitting lace or when there are a lot of different or identical parts. I also like to keep count of rows or rounds, as I don’t like to count… I sometimes use markers for short rows, most of the time for socks’ heel.
    If you want my help for testing, I will love it, as I still didn’t found some I like the best, and as I do a lot of tests of a young designer, I always need and use a lot of markers.
    And of course, I really like what you do and always enjoy to use your markers (lovely nice and really useful 🙂 )
    I hope the best for you 🙂


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