Playing with polymer clay

Hi there, yet again I have let way too much time laps between posts. So lately, like the title says, I’ve been playing around with polymer clay and making stitch markers and knitting needle holders. I’ve worked with polymer clay before but was mostly using molds for my markers and this time I worked by hand only – no molds at all. And it worked out quite nicely if I say so myself 🙂

Here are some photos:

photo 2 (57) photo 1 (60) So first I made these Chibi type dolls

photo (43) photo 2 (59) Then I turned some into knitting needle stoppers

photo 3 (47) And some into stitch markers

photo 4 (33)  And then I made them into sets of stitch markers and knitting needle holder. What do you think? This one is going to be listed in the shop on Etsy.


photo (44) And then I went on to make apples – after all I live in apple country here in Normandy. So I made some beautiful red apples with some sparkle and a glaze to make them even more appetizing.

photo 4 (32) Like before I turned some into stitch markers

photo 2 (58) And other into knitting needle stoppers

photo 1 (61)  And those were then made into a complete set. Cute don’t you think ? These are going to be for sale in the shop on Etsy 


And I also tried my hand at using Friendly Plastic and made one decoration for a lid on a tin box for storing your stitch markers and other small accessories and 3 knitting needle holders and I think these will soon be on Etsy as well.

photo 5 (18) photo 3 (42) photo 2 (53) photo 1 (56)

Friendly plastic is a very original material I think and lots of fun things can be made using it but it takes time to master the techniques involved I feel and that is something I’m going to work on in the future as I think this can be a great idea for some fun and unique knitting accessories. We all love stitch markers and such and if they are cute, not to mention unique to us then that’s even better.

And last but not least, I’ve been continuing work on markers for my “stitch markers bar” for Unwind Brighton. You’ll be able to choose from (or buy both) knitting markers and double duty markers with a lobster clasp for knitting AND crochet. So I’m busy working on getting a lot of those done now. Here’s a photo of my work so far

photo 1 (62) photo 2 (60) I have all sorts of markers with charms and a mix of beads.


Not been getting much knitting done lately due to a heavy workload but hope to give you some updates and photos of WIP next time.

Until then, take care and have a wonderful time 🙂



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