Spinning and plying

Hi there, I have been working hard on my hand spun yarns in view of the Unwind Brighton show coming up in July.  I know there will be a lot of indie hand dyers in the market place so I want to stand out by offering more hand spun than hand dyed yarns in addition to my hand made knitting and crochet accessories, knitting needles and crochet hooks.

Hand spun yarns are of course more time consuming and there for more expensive to “produce” and for the client to buy. But I still think hand spun yarn has a place in an event such as Unwind Brighton because it’s a place where you have the chance to see and buy unique products and I understand the need for clients to actually touch and see the yarn before buying a relatively expensive skein. Now I don’t expect anyone to buy a sweaters worth of hand spun from me but rather one or two skeins for a fun accessory project as hand spun yarn is as unique as yarn can get. That means that whatever you choose to knit with it will be even more unique and personal. I hope my yarns will draw attention and that the show will help to get my shop known. I want to show knitters/crocheters out there what I do and I want to prove that I make quality products, unique items that are all hand made and so unique and never mass produced. I hope people will appreciate the work and uniqueness of hand made items and most of all that they will want to go home with some 🙂 After all my objective is also to sell as much as I can to be able to further promote my shop and continue on my creative path. And to be totally honest my real dream, the one I cling to, is to be able to make a living one day and not have to juggle a full time job as well as work on my shop. Hopefully, one day, with a lot of work and passion, I’ll get there 🙂

Now, enough talking, here are some photos of the yarns I’ve spun and plied lately.

First off I did some plying with beads! My gosh, that is TIME CONSUMING!. I love the results but I think I’m not going to renew the experience unless it’s for personal use or on command because it takes FOREVER to do and would be way to expensive if I were to put a price on this sort of yarn. So now I have 3 beaded skeins which are a mix of hand spun polwarth wool and commercially spun merino/mohair yarn with hand strung beads. First I spun my polwarth yarn, then I strung the beads onto the merino/mohair yarn and then I plied, and plied and strung beads and plied and plied and strung beads….you get the picture! Now I just need to find some incredible pattern worthy of such labor intensive yarn 🙂

photo 1 (66) photo 5 (21) photo 4 (31)




Then there are these “regular”‘ hand spun yarns. Some are merino others a mix of polwarth, silk and sparkle.  All three yarns are navajo plied so three ply yarns. I’m definitely getting better at spinning as now my 3 ply yarns are slightly thicker than fingering weight commercial yarns I believe. And best of all, I’m  really pleased with the outcome.


photo 2 (68) photo 1 (70) photo 4 (36) photo 3 (52) photo 4 (35) photo 2 (64)


I’ve also been playing with polymer clay and making all sorts of stitch markers and knitting needle holders lately

photo (48) photo 3 (46) photo (43)


And I’ve added a few kits to my Etsy shop – my theme was “Kawaii”, so the idea was to create cute kits in fun tins that are small enough to fit in your knitting bag but large enough to hold not only the markers included but also other small accessories you may have. I chose some cute anime style tins for this and I’m going to work on making a few sets for Unwind Brighton as well.

photo 4 (34) photo 1 (63) photo 1 (65) photo 2 (63)

I hope these will be liked by my clients 🙂

And then there’s my knitting. I’m working on a sweater in linen yarn from Shibui, no photo yet but it should soon be done. I’m also working on my charity knitting for the premies in my region and continuing knitting my blanket using hand spun yarn. This blanket has been a while in the making and it probably will be quite a while until it is finished. I’m using some of my very first hand spun yarns and they are all rather thick which is fine. So far I love the blanket, I’m doing it in linen stitch and it is super warm. My oldest daughter has asked to keep the blanket for her room once I’m done and of course I said yes! I love it when my knitting gets positive attention and someone asks me to knit for them – mostly my close family and my daughter is a big fan which I just adore! Like me my daughter loves wearing hand knit socks which is perfect as I love sock knitting. But here are some photos to show you of my latest knitting:

photo 2 (65) photo 1 (67)   A close up of my linen stitch hand spun blanket, full of color and super warm

photo (41) photo (45) photo (47)

That’s all for now, I hope you have enjoyed reading these lines and looking at my photos. Have a great day and until next time, lots of fun knitting/crocheting 🙂

Playing with polymer clay

Hi there, yet again I have let way too much time laps between posts. So lately, like the title says, I’ve been playing around with polymer clay and making stitch markers and knitting needle holders. I’ve worked with polymer clay before but was mostly using molds for my markers and this time I worked by hand only – no molds at all. And it worked out quite nicely if I say so myself 🙂

Here are some photos:

photo 2 (57) photo 1 (60) So first I made these Chibi type dolls

photo (43) photo 2 (59) Then I turned some into knitting needle stoppers

photo 3 (47) And some into stitch markers

photo 4 (33)  And then I made them into sets of stitch markers and knitting needle holder. What do you think? This one is going to be listed in the shop on Etsy.


photo (44) And then I went on to make apples – after all I live in apple country here in Normandy. So I made some beautiful red apples with some sparkle and a glaze to make them even more appetizing.

photo 4 (32) Like before I turned some into stitch markers

photo 2 (58) And other into knitting needle stoppers

photo 1 (61)  And those were then made into a complete set. Cute don’t you think ? These are going to be for sale in the shop on Etsy 


And I also tried my hand at using Friendly Plastic and made one decoration for a lid on a tin box for storing your stitch markers and other small accessories and 3 knitting needle holders and I think these will soon be on Etsy as well.

photo 5 (18) photo 3 (42) photo 2 (53) photo 1 (56)

Friendly plastic is a very original material I think and lots of fun things can be made using it but it takes time to master the techniques involved I feel and that is something I’m going to work on in the future as I think this can be a great idea for some fun and unique knitting accessories. We all love stitch markers and such and if they are cute, not to mention unique to us then that’s even better.

And last but not least, I’ve been continuing work on markers for my “stitch markers bar” for Unwind Brighton. You’ll be able to choose from (or buy both) knitting markers and double duty markers with a lobster clasp for knitting AND crochet. So I’m busy working on getting a lot of those done now. Here’s a photo of my work so far

photo 1 (62) photo 2 (60) I have all sorts of markers with charms and a mix of beads.


Not been getting much knitting done lately due to a heavy workload but hope to give you some updates and photos of WIP next time.

Until then, take care and have a wonderful time 🙂