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photo (36) photo (34) Last time I told you about my charity knitting for premature babies in my region and here to the left you can see two sets I just finished. I’m currently working on the third set. As it is recommended to only use superwash wool and if possible with no more than 40% wool content and I mostly have 100% wool in my stock so I went ahead and ordered some yarn for this project from French company Bergère de France. Here are the colours I chose photo (35) I think they will look very nice once knitted up 🙂 I’m working on a set now using this yarn. I’m doing a seamless garter stitch sweater in two colours

photo (37) I’m half way through so far.  I’m thinking of doing the bonnet in stripes as well, either stockinette stitch or rib and then garter stitch socks. I’m a big fan of seamless knitting so I think I’m going to be making more of this type of garments for this project. The wool is super soft too so I’m quite happy with the results.

So far we haven’t decided on a date for when we would need to finish and hand over our contribution but I think sometime early summer and I hope to do as many sets as I possibly can before then.

In addition to working on my charity knitting I continue to prepare for Unwind Brighton and working on sets of stitch markers, fibres for spinning and of course I’m working on finishing my hand spun yarns, washing them and re-skeining and at the same time measuring them. It takes a lot of work to prepare for a show and difficult to know how much stock to bring. I’ve been working on some sets of markers using earring fastenings for locking markers these are quite convenient as they can either be used on the needles or for marking particular stitches. Here are photos:

photo 4 (28) photo 3 (38)

I’m also working on some needle felted markers, I like needle felting but I’m a total beginner but I think this could be a nice addition to my shop, what do you think ? photo (38)


That’s all for now. Have a great week with lots of fun fibre crafting 🙂



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