Charity knitting and more

Hi there, it’s been a while since my last post. I must admit I’m not as punctual as I had hoped I would be. I saw myself posting at least once a week and now I find myself posting very irregularly and I hope you forgive me for that.

This time I’m going to talk about charity knitting. Have you done any? I have participated in one for premature babies and once organised one for cancer research and now I’m organising one for the neonatal service of the regional hospital where I live. I participated in a garage sale last weekend and I had a few balls of yarn I didn’t like or think I’d use and so I sold them along with other stuff. One lady stopped by and told me she was a nurse at the neonatal service of the hospital and that they needed handknit clothing and accessories for the tiny babies there. This made me immediately want to help and so I decided to launch an action with my FB friends.

I learned that before the hospital had its own laundry service and so they were able to use and reuse their handknits. Now they no longer have that so all handknits are given to the parents to wash and so basically the handknits their baby gets is a personal gift to them. This means that they desperately need even more handknit items than before. And so with the the help of “SOS PREMA” here in lower Normandy I’m organising a charity effort for them. I’m hoping to get as many knitters to participate as possible. No need to knit tons of items, even if you only knit one, that’s great. The importance being the participation.

Lots of premie knitting patterns can be found for free on the internet and as they are so small, this is a great way of using up our left overs.  Have you yourself participated in a charity knitting like this? What was it for and didn’t it make you feel great? So far I have knit one little hat

photo (29)

Another thing related to charity knitting is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and hope to be able to make come true one day. As we all know, knitting is good for our soul and mind and knitting is sometimes used as therapy and I would love to animate a group of knitting in a hospital cancer ward. I think meeting once a month with a group of people and have fun and do something to think of anything but your illness can do a lot of good. If the produce of this fun could also be used for charity the benefit would be double. I could teach patients to knit so both newbies and confirmed knitters, men and women could enjoy the pleasure of knitting, chatting with new friends and at the same time have the pleasure of doing good for others. What do you think? Would that not be a great idea? I just need some extra time to organise this, see if the hospital/clinic would be interested and then some time to actually do it but I do think it would be great and so giving. We could knit hats for cancer patients, both for adults and children and/or we could knit for premature babies or for women shelters or homeless shelters. The possibilites are endless. I hope my idea may inspire you also to maybe launch into some charity knitting in your community. Double the pleasure of knitting by giving something to those less fortunate.

If you participate in charity knitting, please share your experience with us and if you are a charity in need of handknits please contact us and share your needs here and hopefully we will find knitters to help.

Have a great weekend:)

3 thoughts on “Charity knitting and more

  1. Je suis plus que tentée pour participer. Je pense qu’il serait intéressant de lister des laines “utilisables” ainsi que des modèles (et pourquoi ne pas coupler les laines et les modèles ensuite ;-D) . Je vais commencer à prospecter. Par contre, je ne sais pas où remettre les créations, as-tu déjà une adresse au CHU ou avec SOS préma ?
    Merci en tout cas pour cette initiative !!


    • Bonjour, alors on n’a pas décidée encore d’une date limite pour notre colis. Il faudra soit me l’envoyer/apporter soit le donner lors de notre rencontre – on pense organiser une rencontre entre tricoteuses pour se rencontrer, voir ce qu’on fait les autres, montrer ce qu’on a fait nous et si possible attirer l’attention des médias locaux sur notre action et les besoins de l’hôpital. Ce sera ensuite la responsable SOS PREMA qui apportera notre contribution au CHU.
      Pour les laines, j’en ai parlé sur ma page FB car ici le blog est en Anglais et peu de mes lectrices FB en France le lisent. En fait il faudrait une laine lavable en machine, pas plus de 40% de laine sauf s’il s’agit d’une laine spéciale bébé. Il paraît que la Caline de BDF est idéale. Pour les modèles on peut on trouver sur internet mais j’en ai aussi que SOS PREMA m’a transmis et je vais vous les envoyer par email. Merci pour votre participation et a bientôt 🙂


      • Merci pour la réponse rapide 😉 En furetant sur le net j’ai trouvé des modèles de bases parfaits. Je pars donc sur un trousseau brassière/ bonnet/ chaussons. Je vais faire un tour chez le revendeur bergère… j’espère qu’il y a de jolies couleurs dans cette gamme de laine 😀 Autant commencer maintenant 🙂


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