Fibre fun and magical new tools

Hi there, I have been thinking about how I could make new items to sell both in my Etsy shop as well as in my booth at Unwind Brighton and have decided upon some wool for spinning. I’ve already showed you my blending board and the rolags I make using that. Now I have invested in a “hackle” that I bought from a woodturning artist on Etsy and a Diz from another artist also on Etsy so as soon as my little gems arrive I will be able to make lots of beautiful fibre preparations for spinning.

Now you may not know what a “hackle” is but it is a tool with one or two rows of long, pointed “teeth” that you use to blend wool for spinning. I found the tool rather impressing at first but after looking at various videos on Youtube I decided it was not too complicated and most importantly that “I WANT ONE TOO” 🙂

Here is a nice video that shows how to use a hackle and a diz to make a beautiful roving clic here

And just this morning I discovered that I could also use my blending board with a diz and make a roving that way too so I immediately went on Etsy and bought the cutest Diz set and now I’m anxiously waiting for it to arrive in my mail box.

This is the video that was a revolution this morning click here

So now I can’t wait to get started. I have lots of roving and add ins not to mention undyed wool that I can play with and dye myself before blending. I just can’t wait to actually move and have a bigger house with more space for me to create and work. It is so frustrating to have tons of wool and supplies of all kinds and to just have them locked up in carton boxes all over the house and not being able to use them as I want to. So I think I just may start a reverse calendar for when we move 🙂

I’ve also been doing some plying, and incredible enough I have actually finished plying all my spools that were ready and waiting

photo 2 (45) photo 1 (48) photo 2 (42) Nice don’t you think ?

I’ve also added a new product to my Etsy shop –  some luxury stitch markers sets. I use Crystalette pins with Swarovski crystals and beautiful little cabochon decorated tins. These make for a great gift for a knitter/crochet friend or  just for your own pleasure.

photo 2 (44) photo 3 (35) photo 1 (47) They are the cutest 🙂

Well, that’s all for now. Have a great weekend and enjoy any free time you have for some crafting fun 🙂

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