A celebratory weekend for you :)

Hi there everyone, how are you doing? I’m  as before busy preparing for Unwind Brighton. I find it very difficult to evaluate how much I need to produce and bring to the show. I’m afraid of running out of items or on the contrary bring way too much. I think I’m good on stitch markers, needle stoppers, emergency crochet hooks and buttons so now I’m going to concentrate on fibres and yarn. I’ve decided to prepare some rolags for the spinners who will be visiting the marketplace during the show. I’ve already started and it’s a process I that I enjoy a lot. And then there is all my hand spun yarn to finish and prepare for sale. I just bought a yardage counter to be able to  accurately  indicate the length of each hand spun skein. I’ve also bought a small portable scale to use with the “stitch marker bar” where you will be able to choose your own markers and pay per weight.

Now I’m looking into my presentation, boxes etc to beautifully expose my work so that your eye will be drawn to my booth and that you will want to linger and check out my work 🙂 I’ve also made arrangements to be able to accept credit card payments so things are moving nicely along. I’m super excited about the whole thing and I hope many of you will be able to come and enjoy a wonderful fibrefilled weekend with us.

Here are a few photos of my latest work:

I did some dyeing,

photo 1 (42) photo 2 (40) This is a lace weight yarn, 50% suri alpaca and 50% extra fine merino, 100gr 1200 m. I call this colorway Tequila Sunrise  photo 3 (32) Then I did some dyeing of 100% organic merino, Aran weight so 100 gr and 166 m. I call this colorway Watermelon

photo 4 (24) And then I did a few mini skeins of fingering weight yarn. This is 75% superwash merino, 20% nylon and 5% stellina for some glam and glitter. I call this colorway Strawberry on Ice.

Then I’ve been spinning as always and today I just finished plying this skein which I absolutely love even if I say so myself:) This is 100% merino and I haven’t measured the yardage yet but I’m guessing around 400m

photo 1 (44) photo 2 (42)

And then there are the rolags I was telling you about, I work them on my blending board and here’s an example of one set, I’m thinking of selling them by sets of 10 rolags as each rolag is small/thin so I’m not sure how much yardage you can get out of just one rolag

photo 1 (43) I work layers of colour on the blending board and once finished into a rolag the colours come out like this photo 2 (41) Nice don’t you think ?

But now it’s time to come back to this articles title “Celebratory Weekend”, why ? What does that mean? What’s up?????????

Well, with the help of a talented artist, photographer, graphic designer I now have a new logo! I’m very excited about this new, personalised and professionally made logo. I chose an owl because I’m very into owls at the moment, my owl is of cours knitting and you will see a small French flag in the background as a reference to the name of my shop/brand inspired by the fact that I live and knit in France. So here goes my new logo

cropped-knittinginfrancelogo.png Beautiful don’t you think?  And if you too want to find out more about the artist behind my logo and discover her work then here are a few links.

Her name is Michelle Mez and you can find her work on the following websites:




To celebrate this new branding of my shop, I have decided to offer FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS THIS WEEKEND, OFFER VALID UNTIL 23MARCH MIDNIGHT and I hope you and your knitting friends will take this opportunity to purchase some of my items and enjoy some pleasure shopping. Just use coupon code: FREESHIPPING

Spread the word and enjoy my shop which is just one click away 🙂

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