And a new week begins

Hello everyone, I hope you had a nice and crafty weekend. I did not have as much time as I would have liked to knit and spin this weekend but that’s life, all about concessions.

Now I did have the time to start some plying as I was totally out of bobbins and so it was ply or just not spin until I did find the time/need for plying. I made two full bobbins of a single which is a mix of merino, shetland, firestar and bamboo in a beautiful blue colour and now I’m plying it into a two ply, so this will end up being two skeins – what is complicated is knowing when to stop and begin a new skein. I would like to have two skeins of approximately the same weight/length but I may end up with a large skein and a mini skein in which case I will have to sell them together as a set. The resulting yarn is looking very nice and the firestar give a little glimmer which I find super nice. This is probably somewhere between fingering and DK weight and I can see this as a sock yarn or for some sort of accessories. I’m planning on selling it at Unwind Brighton – that is if I am able to separate myself from it. Not always easy when one is as touched by the fibre bug as I am 🙂

Here’s a photo of my bobbin of plied yarn so far: photo 1 (33) On the photo I feel the yarn looks a bit darker than it really is but you get the picture. Nice don’t you think ?

I also made a little progress on the sleeves I’m knitting for my sisters birthday, I’ve only got about 10 in left of stockinette and then back to the slip stitch pattern for the second cuff and then I will be almost done:)

I also bought some more yarn and have cast on for a second Enchanted Mesa, this time for my daughter and I chose more blue tones this times and less browns. I went a little overboard and bought some very luscious yarn with cashmere and silk; incredibly yummie and beautiful. I will post some photos later on.

And I redid a little dyeing. Only 5 skeins but then that is mostly the case anyway, I only do small dyebaths as I do not have the space or time at the moment to go into larger baths/production. I’m feeling a bit rebellious these days and I think that is showing in my dyeing. I’m attracted to yellows, oranges and reds these days. This time I also used my favorite fingering yarn (sw merino, nylon and silver stellina) and here are three of the skeins I made. Now I’m thinking of keeping those for Unwind Brighton in stead of putting them up for sale on Etsy and I hope the colours  appeal to other knitters and not just to me 🙂 What do you think? Do you like these?

photo 2 (31) photo 3 (25) photo 4 (19) photo 5 (13)

The colours are very blended and each skein has some white in it; I used a kettle dye technique so the dye sets unevenly but that is something I like. I’m fond of semi solids and multicoloured yarns. So sometimes the colours flow into each other and sometimes you have white with some colour here and there and the colours are not uniform. Sometimes the red is muted and sometimes it is saturated. I don’t know if this sounds as good as it actually looks but I hope you get the picture.

I’m so looking forward to throwing myself into dyeing again. Since we moved last summer, I have so little space to develop my shop and no actual space for my dyeing and now we are looking for a new house to buy and I keep my fingers crossed and hope we will be able to find one with enough space for me. I would love to have 2 spaces for myself (yes that’s a lot and I probably never will but it’s always nice to dream). I would like one office for my day job but I work from home and need a small office space, a small room I can close the door to so as not to be disturbed during my working hours. And a STUDIO for my creative work. I can see a room, a craft room filled with shelves. Shelves filled with my knitting, dyeing, spinning, crocheting etc books as well as shelves filled with boxes filled with craft supplies. A large table to work on. Another table for my packaging and shipping. A space for spinning and weaving and equipment. And a space for dyeing with a large sink, a microwave and a small stove. A space to stock my finished products waiting to be sold and shipped out to my Etsy buyers. A heaven on earth sort of space 🙂 This brings me to Pinterest, I don’t know if you Pin but I got into that a few months back and I find loads of inspiration there for my future/dream craft space. I could just get lost in those pictures of gorgeous craftrooms:) And I really hope one day, sooner rather than later I will be able to have one of my own.

But since I talked about Pinterest maybe you would like to check out my pins and profile

I love browsing Pinterest and I find loads and loads of inspiration and my “to do knitting” list just keeps getting longer and longer. I pin lots of free patterns and ideas for yarn, for new stitch patterns, tutorials etc and if you are not yet pinning or browsing Pinterest I highly recommend you do because as a crafter you are bound to find a treasure trove of inspiration and beautiful things.

Now as I’ve told you before I will have a stand at the upcoming Unwind Brighton festival this July and so I’m busy preparing, making stock, finding ideas to explore and develop for the festival and so. One of the ideas is a pattern marker, a magnetic one to help keep your place in a pattern. You place one magnet on the page you are using and the other one on the other side of the page to keep it in place. I’ve done a few so far and am looking for a bit of feedback before I do some more, I would love to hear your take on this product, is it interesting or not for you as a crafter? Here’s a photo: photo (17) As you can see the finishing has not been done but you get the idea I hope.

I’m also working on an idea for a “stitch marker bar” – this would mean a bowl/box full of all sorts of stitch markers and buyers would get to choose/make up their own stitch marker sets. Price would either be per marker or per a set of 4 or 6 for example. And maybe I would do the same for the knitting needle stoppers, I don’t know. What do you think? Would you be tempted by the idea of choosing your own individual markers or would you rather just buy a set that is ready and packaged?  Here’s a photo of my “bar” markers so far to give you an idea and I would really enjoy some feedback on your part regarding this idea:

photo (18)

That’s all for now so until next time, have a great week with lots of fun crafting 🙂

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