My latest projects and works in progress

ImageHi  there, today I’m going to share with you my latest knitting projects and my work in progress. The photo above is of a cute owl by Alan Dart. I saw the pattern and felt and urge to knit one myself. I did not have a recipient in mind, and still don’t, I just thought it was super cute. And so I knit my own pyjama owl and now it is waiting on a shelf for me to decide what to do with it:) I am a fan of Alan Dart, he makes such intricate patterns, so delicate and complex but yet doable. I usually am not much for knitting softies but I do love browsing his website for patterns. You can check his website here

Then I made a sweater for my older daughter. It had been ages since my last sweater. I went through a long period where sweaters just seemed overwhelming, projects that required way to much time and I just did not have the patience and so I only knit socks, shawls, hats, mittens etc. Until I saw this nice pattern and thought I could use my undyed 100% alpaca chunky yarn for it, it is incredibly soft and warm, so off I went and here are the results:

Image Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the pattern and I was intelligent enough to throw my copy away!

After knitting an entire sweater I had to do something small so I decided on a pair of socks, again for my daughter who loves to wear hand knit socks (in my family of 5 we are the only ones that enjoy and understand the happiness of wearing hand knit socks). I chose a fingering yarn that I had hand dyed a while ago but had not sold – I don’t quite understand why because I thought the color was beautiful and once knit up in socks I think the results are equally beautiful. So here goes:

Image Image

And now I’m working on three projects, yes three! I am one of those knitters that cannot work “just” one project at a time, I need versatility and to be able to knit different things depending on my mood and opportunities. So, for tv knitting I have two projects both by Stephen West. One is a shawl but I don’t yet have a picture of that, it’s the Rockefeller shawl. I’m knitting it in Spud and Chloé yarn chocolate color fingering and then one of my own yarns in bright yellow with some silver stellina for added glam 🙂

The second tv project is the Enchanted Mesa sweater, yes i’m on a roll now with sweaters. This model is a fun one to knit, the construction is highly unusual and at the same time simple to do. The fun part I feel is that you can use a number of colours and either follow his instructions for the color changes or just make your own – as I did. One is sort of supposed to take this opportunity to work from the stash but hey why reduce your stash when you can buy some more yarn????

So of course, I bought some more:


And here are a couple of photos of my progress so far:



I rather like the outcome so far. There is one trick to this pattern though, you are supposed to swatch and knit the pattern according to your outcome. I have a problem with swatches, I’m too impatient to do swatches, that is not good I know. I also know that swatching can help you avoid catastrophes, but…. So I admit I did not swatch and as I progress I become a little nervous and I hope that in the end the sweater will fit me! I know that if it does not, I can always give it to my daughter and try again but I really would like it to FIT ME!

And then my third and last project for the time being, is a lap’ghan – a small blanket- and I’m using linen stitch (I think) and my own hand spun yarn. This is turning out to be a thick and very warm little blanket and I look forward to seeing it all done. It’s extra rewarding to be knitting with my own hand spun yarn and as I like colours this one is going to have lots of them.

Here you go:



What about you? What are you knitting now? Do you also have a number of projects going at the same time? Do you also suffer from “resistance to swatch” as I do? I’d love to hear from you on these subjects, please feel free to participate and leave a comment below.

Thats all for now; happy knitting and just general crafting to you all 🙂

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