A little bit of bragging

Hi there, this is my very first blog post this year and to start off I’ve decided to tell you about my hand made stitch markers and needle stoppers. As a knitter I have accumulated a certain amount of fun knitting accessories over the years and those include stitch markers and needle stoppers. I find stitch markers to be super useful when knitting lace – I love knitting shawls- and when you have a large number of stitches I sometimes use them to help me count and avoid having to count a zillion times to be sure of my number of stitches:)

Needle stopper are great for avoiding loosing your stitches when you put your knitting down for a break – especially if you leave your knitting in your knitting bag for knitting on the go. I personally get very annoyed when I pick up my sock say, which has this great lace motif and find that x stitches have magically gone off the needle and I probably need to rip back a few rows and redo the whole thing. Quirky looking needle stoppers and stitch markers are an added bonus.

After spending a number of hours admiring beautiful markers on line I decided maybe I could have a got at it and I did! And as always I fell hard for this new craft! I love trying out new things, shopping for charms, making charms with polymer clay etc. I find this new craft is just as rewarding and relaxing as knitting or spinning. And so I decided sell some!

After I closed my own eshop on the net and opened a shop on Etsy I changed my focus and now concentrate on my own hand made products and these fit in nicely with my yarns. At the moment my stitch markers and needle stoppers are quite popular and the best thing is that my buyers leave me very positive feedback and that is so motivating.

Here are some photos just to give you an idea of what I’m making:

Knitting stitch markers

These ceramic owl markers are a hoot

Some foxy markers

Some foxy markers

A lifesaving device
A lifesaving device


The must

A set of stitch markers and a needle stopper

A French crochet designer found my products on Facebook and contacted me last year. She wanted to know if I would be interested in participating in her new crochet book by sending her some crochet markers for her to test/use and in exchange they would be photographed and published in her book along with information about my shop for her readers to buy some. I was just over the moon of course and immediately sent her some markers. Her book was published late last year and here is the book: http://www.amazon.fr/Miaouxdoudoux-leurs-amigurumis-Vinciane-Trufelli/dp/2814101722

This is a crochet book for amigurimi crochet animals – each cuter than the other and I’m so proud that she used some of my markers in her book.

Then I was contacted by an editor of Simply Knitting – one of the UK’s most important knitting magazines. They wanted to feature my needle stoppers in the Valentines issue (Feb 2014 which was published this beginning of January). That blew me away! I was so happy and proud that someone “in the business” had taken note of my shop and hand made stuff so of course I agreed and sent the a number of items. Needless to say I have been bragging ever since the magazine was published. And no reason to stop now, so if you are not a subscriber, here is a link to the page where MY needle stoppers are featured

I hope this will help me get the word out there and help me reach more customers. If you would like to discover my shop and browse just click here





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